How Will It / Did It Play Out?

So whats really going on?   like Republicans clocking the Obamacare website I’m observing the scene…wondering…how did it or how will it play out? 

Inquiring minds wanna know; soon knocking the hustle..pundits are heard from all spectrums!!  from Sean Hannity to Rev Al Sharpton ….putting what they had to say out!

Out there!! please!!!  its rough out there!! maybe some will understand me when  coping strategies play out!! they had an expiration date!

Out there!! I had enough so I go there like the Chinese Jade Rabbit moon back with clearance rack epiphanies after the exploration..the game is not over!! I’m  Right On Time Like the Brothers Johnson!! I wasn’t too late!

Pundits will debate it!! even though Senate Democrats did away with the filibuster!

Funky with it!  that’s how O-Dizzle is!! as we do that!!  plus O-Zone couldn’t feel a buster!

Whats up with it?  Can’t Truss It per Public Enemy…but how did a herb or buster play?

They were caught up in the system / matrix  but I had to back away from the buffet!

Peeping game;  how will it / did it play out?  soon some are down to Plan Z!

My homie jumped off the bridge over the Ohio River in Louisville…R.I.P…plus dude strayed out in traffic on I-20 in Atlanta;  its rough out here for the family!

Trains derail in the Bronx…plus Paul Walker dies in a fiery crash..reality and fantasy mesh or mash..somebody might understand me… as I put it down like this!

How will it / did it play out? soon we’ll all see… as it goes down like that and like this!


Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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