The Arch Nemesis Is On The Premises PT.4

Damn!! the arch nemesis is on the premises! now I’m like Thor in a Dark World!

Is it my Call Of Duty  per the Ghost Protocol / Mission Impossible type of drama that will unfurl?

Winds of change whirl around like Typhoon Haiyan out in the Pacific Ocean!

Winds of change whirl around..manipulated by weather makers aka corporate tycoons?  being specific?  they had a notion!

Winds of change whirl around… Billy Ocean playing in the background back in the day  at K-Mart …as I dealt with the cleanup on aisle three!

What is the color of love?  green per Wu Tang Clan with Cream… that’s whats up!!  that’s what the style will be!

The arch nemesis is on the premises! foul will be the antics employed by those jokers!

The empty promise was heard like with Obamacare …but we continue to go there!!  knowing what the inside joke was!

….or is…as we continue to handle business before it handles us!

Knowing how the sport goes / how a joker plays!!  the hooptie has damage from Halloween pranksters…knowing how a vandal does!

Scorpio sun rays bless us!!  that’s Gods work!!  among many of the miracles he performs!

Knowing how the sport goes!!  this son of God plays on!! Doing What I Do!! rebuking the Devils so-called perfect storms!

The arch nemesis is on the premises!! alarms ring and security heightens!

Empty promises were not believed!! as we proceed and continue to clash with these so called Titans….

Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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