Taking The Wrapper Off PT.2 / Acting Brand New

Back from a brief hiatus…the I-20 Chronicles show you how I play this…acting brand new with it!!  taking the wrapper off!

Others were acting…but didn’t have a clue;  putting a wrapper on it like FedEx or UPS…but said they’re going off!

Others supposedly macking!!  an ATL rapper.. but National Guarding!!  handcuffing or even  third wheeling!

….others were supposed to be tracking like the NSA ….some engage in  hand to hand combat or they’re just bluffing; or maybe shady like CIA third world dealing!

You heard this? this is the real thing!!  maybe you can wrap your mind around it!

You heard?  we take the wrapper off!!  somebody might feel this thing!!  if they don’t know they better find it!

….Others were criminal minded!!  they’ve been blinded per Boogie Down Productions!

Street code is used…subliminal!!  use your mind kid to fight the corruptions!

Discrete modes are used;  but we still get with ya…but some might not get it….“everybody ain’t able”

The heat erodes the structure..like jokers trying to corrupt ya…come will get caught up in the system / matrix…”everybody ain’t stable”

Plus everybody didn’t believe the fable…as we put it down like this….we’re taking the wrapper off..

..As we get breakbeat scientific with it….as we put it down like this…were using this math to go off…


Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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