DJ Shadow – Live Lesson C

Digital Crate Digging Continues…let the DJ have some!!  checking out DJ Shadow with Live Lesson C…..
Live Lesson C was performed to an audience of 100,000 at a festival in France in 1999.

This is from a album called The Ultimate Lessons…featuring DJ Shadow , Cut Chemist, Shortkut ,

….plus Double Dee & Steinski

Check it out!!

Congo Natty feat. YT & Nanci Correia – Jah Warriors (Official Video)

Digital Crate Digging Continues…..reggae / drum and bass…jungle? please!! it’s all good..especially mixed together…

Lets check out Congo Natty formerly known as the Rebel MC feat. YT & Nanci Correia – with Jah Warriors (Official Video) …it’s massive!!



The Storm Passed Through / Waiting In The Dark

A storm just passed through the Atlanta  area;  now there’s a power outage!

Now were waiting in the dark..waiting on Georgia Power …so they can  ‘go all out ” with it!

They had vehicles waiting in park / waiting to be deployed;  but these days?  jokers are slacking!

The blue-collar style played out!!  especially since Detroit is bankrupt …plus banks corrupt the masses …meanwhile ATLiens give classes on macking!

Whose chasing a dollar?  NSA was tracking them!!  they knew all the habits!

Whose casing the joint?  holla if you hear me!!  ….magicians had hats full of rabbits!

Whose casing the joint?  ATLiens smash and grab it!!   they were waiting in the dark !! caught in a moment of time!

During these critical stages of development thought and fashion police had vehicles waiting in park;  the arch nemesis?  an opponent of mine!

Breakbeat science?  it’s a component of mine!!  the brand new funk and this good word!

Waiting in the dark?  naw!  I didn’t waste my time.. please!!!  its gotta be good!!  you heard?

Waiting in the dark?  naw!  others said they were following hunches!!  saying all they had to do was wait..that didn’t work out….

Hating per George Zimmerman? ? that’ll spark an uprising…no free lunches…check the Justice For Trayvon rallies nationwide…per Willie Hutch brothas are gonna work it out..


Miles Davis ‎– You’re Under Arrest

Sunday Jazz Continues…checking out one of the greatest of all time… Miles Davis ‎– with a cut called You’re Under Arrest..from his album of the same name…

Jazz / funk at its finest!! check out the players and the track…

Bass – Darryl Jones, A/K/A “The Munch

Drums – Al Foster

Percussion-  Steve Thornton

Synthesizer [Dx-7], Organ, Clavinet – Robert Irving III

Tenor Saxophone – Bob Berg

Trumpet – Miles Davis  

Guitar and Written-By – John Scofield

James Brown – Papa Don’t Take No Mess part 1 & 2

Digital Crate Digging Continues….excuse me while I dig deep in the crates …blowing the dust off this groove….putting the needle down on the record…excuse the crackling sound….its part of the ambience…

Checking out this classic from James Brown – Papa Don’t Take No Mess Part 1 & 2…ladies and gentleman? it doesn’t get any better than this…

Grey Area / Bay Area Scenarios PT.2

What it do?  acting like I knew…but its hard to see in the smoke and mirrors!

What it do?  acting like I knew…..but I’m caught up in grey area scenarios!

….in conjunction with Bay Area scenarios;  once in San Francisco dipping down Embarcadero..but now I’m down here in the ATL with scary Negroes / scared of revolution!

Meanwhile out in Oakland jokers shut down Interstate 880 because of Treyvon Martin verdicts;  in the ATL how did they work this?  please!!  I spotted jokers at the players convention!

….plus the McGruff crime prevention;  whose losing / winning? as ATL smash and grabbers  put in work!

Please!! check the economy…these are rough and tough times; some are down to Plan Z..its hard for some to get work!

But it’s not hard for some to get hurt!!  from Sanford Florida to the Fruitvale Station out in Oakland per Oscar Grant!

But it’s not hard for a snitch to blurt out the answer for a fruitful situation!! governments or corporations will give them a grant!

…or tell them to abort that!!!  per Edward Snowden chilling in Russian airports!

…or tell them to abort that!!  like Asiana Airlines crashing at San Francisco Airports!

Whose fair in these sports?  getting fronted on in bay area scenarios!

As we dare to go there!! we hunted and gathered in these danger zones aka grey area scenarios!

Danny Byrd – Get On It (feat Brookes Brothers) – OFFICIAL VIDEO

Digital Crate Digging Continues….Hospital Records getting it in!!

Checking out Danny Byrd – with his new track Get On It (feat Brookes Brothers) – THE OFFICIAL VIDEO……Get On It!


London Elektricity – Unreality

Sunday Jazz Continues…checking out some more future jazz, fusion

…this time from Hospital Records drum and bass artist London Elektricity – with a track called Unreality..

This is from Hospital Record’s Out Patients 2 project from 2001..check it out..


Larry Young “Backup”

Sunday Jazz Continues…checking out some classic jazz from Larry Young,  with a track called Backup…

This is from his Into Somethin project from Blue Note in 1964…He’s got some heavy hitters playing with him. Check out the players and the track…

Larry Young (Hammond B3 Organ)
Sam Rivers (Tenor Saxophone)
Grant Green (Guitar)
Elvin Jones (Drums)

Ron Trent – The Nature Of Retribution

Sunday Jazz Continues….checking out some deep house music that has jazz elements in it. It takes you to that same “place” that traditional  jazz will take you. Somebody just might  know what I’m talking about!!

Listening to this track from Ron Trent – called The Nature Of Retribution. Enjoy!!