London Funk Allstars – Junkies Bad Trip

Digital Crate Digging Continues..checking out the London Funk Allstars with a track called Junkies Bad Trip. It’s funky y’all!! check them out!!

The Family Stand –Ghetto Heaven (Jeff Ishmael 12″ Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues…checking out some of this soul jazz from  Family Stand with their classic hit Ghetto Heaven (Jeff Ishmael 12″ Mix)

Grey Area / Bay Area Scenarios PT.3

Still West Coasting with that West Coast State of Mind;  reflecting on Bay Area Scenarios!

Still blessed!!  but not bragging and boasting;  “everybody ain’t able” …they’re caught up in grey area scenarios!

They’re still stressed but some were still fronting  / swagging / coasting along;  until the ship sinks like the Costa Concordia!

….or maybe broke down like the Carnival Triumph …but a joker will lie about it creating more suspense or drama for ya!

I broke it down earlier;  but the West Coast frame of mind is still dominant!

Fighting the power like PE!!  or like Egyptians against the system…bumping heads with the apparatus like Occupy Oakland and other Oakland natives;  revolutionary feelings laid dormant!

Checked out the 60′s Berkley style  attitude that was dormant but it seems to be awakening!

…who’ll work with me?  please…they’re trying to corrupt me with their fronting and faking!

Typical grey area scenarios;  jokers try to bankrupt us like Detroit!! chefs in hells kitchen were baking “hella”  meals!

Typical bay area scenarios; checked out  players / fly Negroes in Oakland…they reminded me of the Detroit style!!  staking claims like 49er’s during the California gold rush;  check out the deals!

“Cuz”  rocking the San Francisco Giants  or 49ers gear feels like a real champion!

Just like me rocking the Louisville Cardinal  gear in the Bay Area…a real champion!

Pushing the envelope in grey areas…stamping it like a postal worker!

Some are going postal..the system is crushing embellishments; hopes and dreams are shattered!! egos bruised and battered !! who’ll work with a brotha?

Bobby McFerrin –Pat & Joe (DJ Smash Remix)

Sunday Jazz Continues…checking out this Bobby McFerrin with a cut called Pat & Joe (DJ Smash Remix)…

…actually this has his Beyond Words”2002′ album version.. a lil’ transition by dj KRUSH..
.and then the DJ Smash remix..per  


Keep On Truckin (A Tom Moulton Mix) – Eddie Kendricks

Digital Crate Digging Continues…I tell you…I was going in one direction and ended up in another!!

Checking out this classic soul  track… Keep On Truckin (A Tom Moulton Mix) – by  Eddie Kendricks -check it out…

Frankie Knuckles Boiler Room NYC DJ Set

Digital Crate Digging Continues…checking out Frankie Knuckles Boiler Room NYC DJ Set…check out the playlist and the set…

01. Get Involved (Director’s Cut Mix) by Dbow.
02. Good People (A Director’s CutExclusive) by Marko Militano.
03. Bourgie, Bourgie (A Director’s Cut Exclusive) by Frankie Knuckles pres. Director’s Cut
04. Get Over U (Rober Gaez Mix) by Frankie Knuckles pres. Director’s Cut feat. B.Slade
05. Your Love (Tommy Vee Mix) by Frankie Knuckles pres. Director’s Cut feat. Jamie Principle
06. We Gotta Love (Director’sCut Signature Mix) by Joe Smooth feat. Paris Brightledge
07. Secret Life Of Us (Director’sCut Cut Classic Mix) by Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band.
08. Bring Me Joy (Director’s Cut Signature Mix) by The Layabouts.
09. My Melody (Morillo & Romero’s Dirty Mix) by Eric Morillo.
10. Lets Stay Home (Director’s Cut Classic Mix) by Frankie Knuckles pres. Director’s Cut starring Inaya Day


Clearance Rack Epiphanies / The End Of Summer Sale

Check out these clearance rack epiphanies..whats the deal with these? …its  just in time for the end of summer sale!

Any clearance given? please!! some will make it happen like Benghazi jailbreaks...but some  can’t make it happen…they’re waiting in the dark…some will fail…

Any clearance given? please!!  in Egypt pro-Morsi protesters find out the system is not fail safe…others were like Eric Snowden in Russia getting open..some will fail!

Any clearance given? none needed for NSA surveillance…who knows what the deal is? whose understanding? a Bradley Manning type will run and tell…

Any interference ? please !! from Sanford Florida to the Fruitvale Station you should be able to tell what it do!

I continue to steer this mothership to some safe haven / safe harbor / fruitful situation;  trying to act like I knew!

The service desk hands merchandise back to you;  they had a no return policy!

At your service with this!!  based on what was learned…..check out the clearance rack epiphany!

The good word is dropped!! I had a whole sack full;   but not trying to act a fool…rocking backpacks like Boston Bombers!

No modified crockpots!! but accidentally stepped on crack pipes on Glenwood Rd in Decatur;  plus dude try to tell me where the bomb herb was!

… the revenge of the nerds is in progress ; check the Deliberate Falsehood ….from Wall Street to your street Gus and Herb were handling business!

Meanwhile we went on a binge……splurging…check out these clearance rack epiphanies to find out what the deal is!

Ming & FS- The Human Condition

Digital Crate Digging Continues..checking out some my favorites… Ming & FS with their cut called The Human Condition…from their album of he same name…as they combine elements of jazz / funk / hip hop and electro…..check them out..

Disco, Funk, Edit: DJ Agent 86 – Saturday Vibrations | DEEP HOUSE FUNK PARTY BREAK EDIT

Checking out DJ Agent 86 putting it down!!


Diggin’ what i have been hearing from Melbourne based Agent 86, dope party funk, soul, boogie and hip hop flavors.

Free wav download from Chopshop!!

About Agent 86:

Since 1989.

Hip-hop. Funk. RnB. Dub. Disco. House. Techno. Electro. Electronica. Rock. Pop. Reggae. Blues. In-between and beyond.

DJ Battles. Radio shows. Clubs. Bars. Raves. Festivals. Music retail. Music distribution. Remixes. Production. Promotion. Label owner. Disciple. Ground breaker.


2007 Live Act of the Year (Melbourne)*
2008 DJ of the Year (Melbourne)*
2009 DJ/Producer of the Year (Melbourne)*
*Inpress Magazine.

Shared the stage with: Kraftwerk, James Brown, DJ Shadow, Moloko, Q-Bert, Mark Ronson, Chromeo, Greg Wilson, Krafty Kuts, Sasha, Inflagranti, Carl Craig, Zebra Katz, Le1f, Mike Q, Funkanomics, Basement Jaxx, Roots Manuva, 2 Bears, The Killers, Jeff Mills, Claude Von Stroke, Metro Area, Goldfrapp, Derrick May, Peaches, Miss Kitten, Funkagenda, Marcia Hines, Diplo, Busy P, Steve Aoki, Adam…

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