GQ Podcast – Electro / Big Room Mix & Cyberpunkers Guest Mix [Ep.100]

Digital Crate Digging Continues…checking out the 100th episode of the Going Quantum Podcast!!  Ladies and gentlemen? they’ve been killing it!!

Check out their Electro / Big Room Mix & Cyberpunkers Guest Mix ..check out the playlist and prepare for takeoff…

00:00 Alex Mind – Maelstrom [Forthcoming DUSTLA]
02:14 Phonic Youth ft CiRRO – The Fire [Big Alliance]
04:45 Ricardo Brooks – Radio [Cool Music Records]
07:29 Favright – This Time [Free DL]
09:15 Black Tiger Sex Machine – Stairway [Free DL]
11:14 Virtu – Reyes [Big Fish Recordings]
14:30 Virtu – Reyes (Skylapse Remix) [Big Fish Recordings]
15:25 Andrew K & Ricardo Brooks – Come Back Tomorrow [Cool Music Records]
17:24 The Fish House – Boogie on Acid [Big Fish Recordings]
19:09 Rocket Pimp & Jaycen Amour – Over Your Head [Burn The Fire]
21:52 Meizong – Origo [Free DL]
22:39 Fast Foot & Farleon – Get Some (Sort Of Sick Remix) [Big Fish Recordings]
27:23 Digitalchord – New Beginning [Big Alliance]
28:39 F.O.O.L – Punks [Tasty Records]

29:53 Cyberpunkers – Ogre’s Ballad [Freakz Me Out]
32:56 Schoolboy – Hero Down [Infrared Music]
37:09 Salmo feat. Cyberpunkers – Russell Crowe (Cyberp. Heavy Mix) [Tantaroba]
39:55 Dope D.O.D. – Rocket
43:12 Cyberpunkers – Mad Armada [Freakz Me Out]
46:42 Nom De Strip – Techno Saturday [Mau5trap]
49:58 Cyberpunkers – I Smoke Camel Lights [OMGITM]
53:18 Lazy Rich – Brainfreeze [DOORN]
55:18 Cyberpunkers – Whatta Mask [Freakz Me Out]

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