Wide Track Pontiac Style

We kept it moving…we’re covering a lot of territory like the Mars Rover;  check out the wide track Pontiac style!

Coming through to tell the story;  the game is not over!! maybe for Miami..understand me?  sonic weapons I hid..I had to act another way…now check the style!

Coming through!!  soon Sonic Assaults are unleashed on the masses; I beseeched them to do the knowledge..some might be able to see what it do!

Others were caught up in the system / matrix by those that faked it;  tires screeched after brakes were pumped..now waiting in the dark!!  vehicles broke down!!  asking a shadetree mechanic..what it do?

Brought up in Louisville  /Newburg…some slept on us but what we knew gets us over the hump!

…like the middle of the week ; we didnt merge with the weak..they were fronting like Donald Trump!

…as we get over the hump!!  the wide track Pontiac was taking up the whole street!

As we get over the hump..Pontiac Bonneville Brougham style!!  while the foul try to hit alt shift delete!

Beats thump!! plus  O-Zone lets you know what the deal is…Lethal Weapons were held like Danny Glover and Mel Gibson!

The streets? some  dump old green Newport packs and scratch off lottery tickets on the curb ..damn!! it was over..if thats how their living!

Were not acting brand new!! in the sport we keep our guards up!! we weren’t rope a doping like Muhammad Ali!

Plus we got it covered like a wide track Pontiac!! but like Bobby Bland we know theres no love in the heart of the city!


Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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