Dubstep Jazz – Herbie Hancock “Rockit/Nobu” (Darryl Reeves remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues..checking out some…..Dubstep Jazz!! …checking out this  Herbie Hancock “Rockit/Nobu” (Darryl Reeves remix)…..from 1983 to 2013

……saxophonist Darryl Reeves has some nice stuff out!!  like that Dillaquarium Mixtape  plus his Mercury  project….this is awesome…check it out!!



”The Thang” by Funk Inc

Digital Crate Digging Continues…still in a Sunday Jazz mood…but whatever I do…its got to be funky!!

Still checking out Funk Inc..with a song called The Thang…this is from the 1996 album Urban Renewal..check out the players and the track…

Knocked Off Balance PT.4 / Recalculation / Recalibration

Tapping on the calculator or on the Dell computer like an accountant….trying to make the books balance!


Guns were clapping on a foul hater like its The Taliban in Pakistan!  drama?  some found it!!  as crooks  continue to show malice!


….ones who were in mamby pamby land?   or Alice in Wonderland residents? they aren’t hip to that and this!


Some understand me when I drop this breakbeat science….Its Gotta Be Good!!  just  like that and like this!

List of atheists (surnames L to M)


Dipping out I-20 in Atlanta….caught behind Subaru Outbacks that were lolly-gagging!


Jokers were  flipping out like  Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in Boston ;  what it do?  whats the cost son?  brothas and sistas?  they’re red flagging!


Others were waiting on the dragon to return;   they’re hoping Bruce Lee can straighten things out!


Others were waiting in the dark hoping Rambo or Chuck Norris can straighten things out!


Shots ring out in hoods from Decatur Georgia to Louisville / Newburg!

Whats good?  jokers were flexing like North Korea with their missiles… with the apparatus?  some didn’t merge!


Now the power will surge during the ongoing storm…check the scenario;  some will be knocked off balance!

Chicago Bulls logo


Some flex their power like the Chicago Bulls bullying the Brooklyn Nets..tipping the scales after they show malice!


Whats next?  the arch nemesis was on the premises..the palace was invaded!


Whats next?  the empty promises were heard…. but we know how foul it is / how shady it is!


Its Shady Like Grady!!  enhanced by Smoke and Mirrors..a Fresh Vision  is needed…its hard to maintain balance!


……Of course the parade will be rained on during the storm…as haters show malice!




I Know You Got Soul – Eric B & Rakim (Double Trouble Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues…and I mean digging deep in the crates …looking for something ….ran across  I Know You Got Soul by Eric B & Rakim (Double Trouble Remix)

…different from the original version…different beats mixed in….Like the Jacksons I Want You Back…Kool and The Gang’s Jungle Boogie…plus James Brown from the original version…well done….check it out!!!

Basic Fundamentals / Reading and Writing

I’m doing the knowledge….better than CIA and FBI concerning  Tamerlan Tsarnaev..please!!  reading and writing is fundamental!

…plus the mothership gets good mileage….its back down to earth;  after peeping game around the galaxy like the Hubble Telescope… now feeding the masses this breakbeat science;  insight we bring on an O-Dizzle instrumental!

Class is in session!!  its the full scope …physical and mental aspects will be involved!

Classic examples of aggression were exhibited… fireman’s lingo?  the fire was fully involved!

Classic examples?  fireman were fired on in upstate New York; then held hostage in Gwinnett County Georgia!

Classic examples?  Nathan Shady Deal will fire the school board in DeKalb County Georgia!

Classics examples?  the way you feel is dictated to you…stay on one accord with the media!

Reading, writing plus arithmetic; none needed?  the apparatus is feeding ya!

I’m needing you to get it right!!  its gotta be good!! but a fanatic is impeding progress!

No reading ,writing or arithmetic is done to see where they’re coming from..so we can stop the stress!

Feeding the masses insight with this thing!!  a hot mess?  just call me the hot messenger!

Reading and writing is fundamental;  plus arithmetic..check the O-Dizzle instrumental as we get with ya!

Maxayn – You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Digital Crate Digging Continues…checking out some jazz / rock / funk / soul…please!! this jam has it all.

Checking out  Maxayn with their version of the  Rolling Stones  You Can’t Always Get What You Want!!

Maxayn was a funk /soul group fronted by Maxayn Lewis  aka Paulette Parker. Production was usually handled by  Andre Lewis

…Had a post on one of my other sites Random Thoughts From A Brotha……..featuring the group Mandre  

After Maxayn disbanded Mandre was formed. In the meantime and between time check this out!!

The Arch Nemesis Is On The Premises

What it do?  damn!!  these folks are cutting up…I see the arch nemesis is on the premises!

What it do?  damn!!  I see some folk are mad!!  during the ongoing  smoke and mirror show they believed the empty promises!

What it do?  damn!!  I see some folk are mad!! now they want to blow things up like Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev!!

What it do?  damn!!  somefolk  are glad…charges for mailing ricin are dropped…dude was set up instead…

Entities were corrupted by the apparatus…unknowing participants said it was exciting..please!! some made money…the rich get richer and the poor poorer..whats the score? they even had me acting ugly!

False idols gods and deities were prayed to!! check the score…check the status; I was chilling out laying in the cut;  thats where a brotha will be!

False positive results for American Idols?  plus the foreign ones..meanwhile another will be praying and fasting!

Deliberate Falsehoods were revealed!!  whose acting false in the hood?  now like Iraq guns are blasting!

In the midst of so many falsehoods?  the sword of truth is carried!

Its all good was the cliche!!  but like chemical weapons used in Syria proof or evidence varied!

Barbarians were at the gate!! they said its got be good!!  they were tired of suffering!

But various ones continue to hate;  the arch nemesis was even on the premises!! but this science is dropped…empty promises is not what a brotha will bring!

Destiny / The Crusaders

Sunday Jazz Continues…checking out one of my favorite jazz groups The Crusaders …with their cut called Destiny.  This is off their Life In The Modern World album released in 1988.

This was kind of a Crusaders reunion album…minus original members Stix Hooper , Wayne Henderson plus others who helped like Hubert Laws and Larry Carlton

Keyboardist Joe Sample and saxophonist Wilton Felder were the only original members but they has some all star players with them. Check out the players and the track…

Bass, Synthesizer [Mb-8 & Midi Bass] — Nathan East
Drums — John Robinson
Guitar — Michael Landau
Percussion — Paulinho da Costa 
Percussion — Lenny Castro
Piano [Yamaha Acoustic], Synthesizer [Forte Midi-moog] — Joe Sample
Saxophone — Wilton Felder