Knocked Off Balance PT. 3 / The Recovery

Its going down!! the recovery / healing process..after being knocked off-balance!

Its going down!!  this brotha will be maintaining….O-Zone dropped this good word while O-Dizzle rocked the palace!

Haters knocked the hustle…showing malice…disrespect was shown …what are they on? ….R.I.P Hugo Chavez…

Debaters knocked the the Rand Paul filibuster concerning John Brennan..whats really going on / happening? please!!

The league locked some out!! jokers played it like Alice in Wonderland!!  but reality interfered with the fantasy!

Intrigue caught the attention of authorities!!  now malice is shown like North Korea vs South Korea;  whose going under man?  after building an Elaborate Fantasy!

League of Extraordinary Gentleman?  GOP breaking bread with Obama?   the bleak outlook replaced by the rose-colored glasses perspective?

Some wreak havoc!!  like outlook replacing hotmail; please!! it’s not hard to fail!!  the devil will oppose;  the masses are disrespected!

Check the rising from the ashes / Phoenix /crash and burn / train wreck perspective;  we come back with it after being knocked off-balance!

Let the recovery / healing process begin…now running like Phoenix Suns in the Steve Nash / Amari Stoudemire days; as the funk plays…. O-Dizzle rocked the palace!

Let the recovery / healing process begin…but hustles were knocked!!  haters show malice..they’re sick like CRE…but O-Zone gave you the scoop on that!

Mental and physical muscle is rocked;  now the double-edged sword of truth is  carried…its our response to all this and that!

Michael Brecker – Anagram

Digital Crate Digging Continues….still in that Sunday Jazz mood. Checking out Michael Brecker  and his track Anagram. This is off of his Pilgrimage  album released in 2007. Check out the players and the track!!!

Michael Brecker: Tenor Saxophone & EWI
Pat Metheny: Guitars, Guitar Synth
John Patitucci: Acoustic Bass
Jack Dejohnette: Drums
Brad Mehldau: Piano



Lee Morgan – Caramba

Sunday Jazz Continues…checking out this classic jazz / latin jazz / funk track Lee Morgan called Caramba. This is off the Lee Morgan ‎– Blue Breakbeats  compilation album released in 1998. Of course it was originally recorded in the 1960’s when Mr. Morgan was on Blue Note Records.

Check out the players and the track!!

Bass – Bob Cranshaw, Reggie WorkmanDrums – Billy HigginsPiano –  McCoy TynerSaxophone [Alto] – Jackie McLeanSaxophone [Tenor] –  Hank Mobley,Trumpet – Lee Morgan

Carlos Santana & Wayne Shorter – Once It’s Gotcha

Sunday Jazz Continues….checking out some classic jazz / funk  / rock from none other than Carlos Santana & Wayne Shorter with a track called  Once It’s Gotcha.

This was recorded live at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1988.  They have some all star musicians rolling with them!! Check out the band and the funky track!!


The Green Button PT. 2

As we proceed and continue …in the midst of March  Madness…I had to find the green button!

True indeed!! checked the menu…the ongoing stellium in Pisces… already paying the I backed away from the buffet; refused to be seen with a glutton!

Check the ongoing crisis…like the sequester…that glutton for punishment kept pushing the yellow button so episodes keep looping!

It’s a rerun!! but  jokers were laughing at Uncle Fester and Uncle Vester type shenanigans!! they keep rewinding it!! now media pundits are scooping!

Refusing to come undone…we found the green button…now we keep hooping like Louisville

Refusing to come undone…even though duping the masses seems to be the strategy in these zones…we know the deal…

This brotha is not the one….I’m trooping through Babylon with other boots on the ground..rocking Timberland’s, Jordan’s and Air Maxes… but I get scientific like the drones observing us! 

Another said he was the one!!  like Warren Buffet the pursuit of the loot is dominate!!  getting down on it like Kool and The Gang!!  a fanatic out here in the danger zones showing us what swerving is!

Switching lanes with no signals!!  road dogs like Ammar Harris  firing out the window of the Range Rover on the Las Vegas Strip!

Snitching / cooperation is how one gains the spoils of Babylon?  that’s  until the game is over!!  then like Christopher Dorner  they’ll be ready to flip!

Meanwhile I was ready to slip away like Clarence Carter!! I  dipped across the border..spotted the green button!

No longer making it harder than it has to be; ready to roll after observing the scene!!  I’m on to another one!

Drum and Bass : Panda Mix Show 2013: Heist Guest Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues….once again it’s on!! checking out the Panda Mix Show  with this phat drum and bass mix.  It also features a guest mix from Jimi Heist

You should know how the Panda Mix Show does it. No track list so just sit back and enjoy the mixes…