GQ Podcast : Dirty Electro Mix & Dead C∆T Bounce Guest Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues…once again its on!! checking out the GQ (Going Quantum) Podcast!!

This episode they’ve got a Dirty Electro Mix and a guest mix from  Dead C∆T Bounce!! Check out the playlist and the mixes…

00:00 Modulation – The Shire [Big Fish Recordings]
04:30 Shuval – No More Duck Face (Matt Watkins Remix) [Club Cartel Records]
06:29 I.Y.F.F.E, Au5 & Auratic – Sweet [Monstercat]
09:38 Schroff feat. Jay Jacob – Virus (Rawrberry Remix) [Big Alliance Records]
11:51 Schroff feat. Jay Jacob – Virus (Ming & Jumpshot Remix) [Big Alliance Records]
13:20 Virtu – Cellar Door [Big Fish Recordings]
14:22 James Frew & Nom De Strip — Booby Trap [Big Fish Recordings]
17:30 Boo & Reece Low – Guardian [Big Alliance Records]
18:15 Blatwax – Revenant [Free Download]

21:31 Dead C∆T Bounce & Linius – Love (ft. Splitbreed) [Free Download]
25:30 Dead C∆T Bounce & Kube – Atlantis [Boxon Records]
26:49 Hot Pink Delorean – The Revenge of Sisyphus [Hot Pink Delorean Music Company]
29:35 Star Wars – Duel Of The Fate (Dead C∆T Bounce & The Noisy Freaks Remix) [Free Download]
32:00 Dead C∆T Bounce x The Noisy Freaks x Blaster – All You Need [Free Download]
35:58 Skrillex vs. Krewella – Get One (Mashup) [Free Download]
37:55 Zedd – Shave It (501 Remix) [Owsla]
39:17 Dead C∆T Bounce ft. Emily Underhill – Nothing To Say (Alex S. Remix) [Tasty Records]
40:30 Dead C∆T Bounce ft. Emily Underhill – Nothing To Say (Must Die! Remix) [Tasty Records]

Its Gotta Be Good Mix PT.2 (Just Like That)

Once Again Its On….back on this breakbeat science again. The Last episode? Its Gotta Be Good!! well..we did it like that so now were gonna do it like this. Check out Its Gotta Be Good Mix PT.2…Just Like That!!

Once again its on!! check me out my blogs here at Worpress, and at’s going down like this!!

Its Gotta Be Good Mix PT.2 (Just Like That).

Art Ensemble Of Chicago / Theme De Yoyo

Sunday Jazz Continues..checking out the Art Ensemble Of Chicago  with their classic cut called Theme De Yoyo . They’re off on that funk / free jazz tangent. Check out the players and the track…

….on the saxophones;   Joseph Jarman and Roscoe Mitchell

trumpet ; Lester Bowie…..with  Don Moye on Drums and  Malachi Favors on Bass.

Fontella Bass is on the Vocals & Piano. Check them out!!!

Quantic Soul Orchestra – Pushin On (Paso Remix)

Sunday Jazz Continues…checking out some jazz / house music from the Quantic Soul Orchestra with  Pushin On …the Paso Remix.

Alice Russell provides the vocal snippets. Quantic is DJ Will live musicians he pulls in for his projects. Check this out!!

The Reign Began With A Drizzle

I’m weather forecasting like Al Roker….spotted inclement weather like in Afghanistan with Karzai..somebody is a damn lie!!  but I know the reign began with a drizzle!

Whatever said the naysayer!!  just a foul joker that’s soon in pain after their plans fizzle!

Whats the dizzle? as Venezuela elects a successor to Hugo Chavez…I’m easy like this Sunday morning per the Commodores…chilling in the lab drinking Juan Valdez…

Whats the dizzle? let me tell you something; soon a brotha plays the lottery at Chavez’s Citgo station..flags were at half staff…or maybe I’ll go up to the Quik Trip station on Wesley Chapel Rd in Decatur Georgia…might get get a cup of Fair Trade coffee from Honduras….

But I digress…Whats the dizzle? check the weather…cunning and clever ones know whats up..taking advice…math dropped based on what veterans in the sport said…as we govern ourselves accordingly on this Sunday… like old school baptist preachers told us!

So called cunning and clever ones seem flabbergasted….like Egyptians mad about Port Said… now they try to reach us;  but they acted funny …down? they didn’t hold us!

We kept on running…even though it got lonely out there!! but haters try to fold us /stamp us;  like postal workers pushing the envelope!

Its cold out here to us!! even though we just set the clock to spring forward; Al Gore mentioned global warming;  Rev.  Jesse Jackson said up with hope and down with dope!

Its cold out here!! some try to score bath salts, synthetic pot,  or even E tablets!

Its cold out here!!  the reign began with a drizzle!!  now O-Dizzle chops beats up while O-Zone writes this good word on tablets!

Its cold out here!!  the reign began with a drizzle..but seasons and reasons change;  haters damned us if we did or didn’t!

No pain no gain was the dizzle or cliché from back in the day;  Pops told me conditions would be harsh…he said deal with it!

Salva 40 min Boiler Room Los Angeles DJ Set

Digital Crate Digging Continues…we’re back up in The Boiler Room!!   This time were out in Los Angeles checking out  Salva…check out the tracklist and the mix..

01 ) Hydraulix – West Side Playur.

02)  Clicks & Whistles – Fumando.

03) Hydraulix – Got That.

04)  Die Antwoord – I Fink U Freeky (CRNKN Remix).

05 ) RL Grime – Grapes Alla Vodka (Salva Remix).

06) Clicks & Whistles – Southern Slaw.

07) 2 Chainz feat. Kanye West – Birthday Song.

08)  Waka Flocka Flame – Rooster In My Rari[WARNER BROS.]

09 ) Huglife Formerly Slink – Dirty Bass Girls.

10)  Lil Wayne feat. Big Sean – My Homies Still.

11) LOUDPVCK – Nv$ty.

12) 5kinandbone5 & Robert Jeffrey – Penis Power (UZ & Lolgurlz Remix).

13)  Digi G’alessio – Mike Tyson.

14)  DJ Khaled feat. J. Cole % Big K.R.I.T. & Kendrick Lamar – They Ready.

15)  ID – ID.

16) Sinistarr – Ross.

17 ) Evil Nine feat. Danny Brown – Black Brad Pitt (Gesaffelstein Remix)).

18)  Fabolous feat. Wale & French Montana – Dance Move.

19)  DJ Khaled feat. Rick Ross & French Montana & Meek Mill & Jadakis – I Did It For My Dawgs.

20)  A$AP Rocky – Goldie

21.)  no id

22)  Doshy – Plastic.

23) Joe Moses & Tyga – I Do It For The Ratchets.

24)  Tyga – Bouncin’ On My Dick.

25)  Tyga feat. Lil’ Wayne – Faded.

26) Finatticz – Don’t Drop That (Thun Thun).

The Doldrums

Caught up in the mix / the doldrums;  old dude said I had to fight my way through it!

Its like a gauntlet!!  FAMU band initiation?  jokers said others “ain’t right” ….the way they do it!

Whats up with it?  they ask me..some say they understand me!!   but question marks are over some peoples head!

….Like the Sunday Comics in the AJC or New York Times..during these hard times?  some will be misled!

“Doobie doo run run run” …..Running Away like Roy Ayers!!  the strategy for escaping the doldrums?

Whats the deal? was it a false alarm? please!! somebody screamed fire like Ohio Players!!!   R.I.P. to   Leroy “Sugarfoot”  Bonner…..O-Dizzle is up in the lab taping; he  never was dull with the drums!

Whats the deal? O-Zone teamed up with him…he sums up the consequences!

Danger zone residents provided opposition!! whose being built or torn down under debatable circumstances?

O-Zone?  you hurt your chances I was told!!  just because I didn’t go along with the program!

Shaking the doldrums off!!  O-Dizzle uses the drums to go off!!  dropping the funk!!  he wasn’t interested in a slow jam!

Whatcha know man? I peeped game..spotted the doldrums / noticed the morale was low! but I kept kept on running even though it got lonely out there..I’m fighting back like Muhammad Ali!

Word from a Louisville brotha!!  fighting the doldrums..but admitting I’m on some other other’  ….but  check it out!! its the real me!

They Had Us On Hold

How were these jokers playing us?  man!!  please they had us on hold!

Shady like Wall Street stock brokers raising the Dow Jones Average.. Bernie Madoff style!!  foul!!  calling themselves bold!

Cavalier like Cleveland with Lebron!! now rebuilding with Kyrie Irving!

As they go there;  flexing like North Korea…whose believing the hype?  especially when they see them swerving!

As we go there;  observing the scene..doing the mathematics;  we know that only so much can be done!

As we go there;  to the service desk returning bogus merchandise!!  counterfeit like fake goods over at the West End Flea Market;  dreams?  they’re crushing some!

Out of service..out-of-order signs go up!!  those acting false / fake in these hoods? authorities were soon rushing some;  acting like they’re bold!

My appetite?  I’m curbing this!!  Deliberate Falsehoods were taking a toll;  but now I see the system has us on hold!

If they don’t get you one way they’ll get you another!!  they’ll catch us coming and going!

Please!! its like  Bin Laden’s son in law Sulaiman abu Ghaith….the karma will alarm ya!!   now some will get whats coming to them! Sulaiman abu Ghaith

Whats happening Captain? O-Dizzle is funky drumming for them!!  O-Zone is good word dropping!

Plans fizzle after being placed in a holding pattern;  fouls were  like Vlade Divac;  some were flopping!

Jokers were slick!! contaminates in the HVAC system had citizens dropping…check the flu epidemic!

Jokers were sick…but were not playing with them;  they had us on hold… but we studied;  now were dropping knowledge…it’s all academic!

‘Beyond The Shadows’ (Dubstep Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues..checking out this Beyond The Shadows  Dubstep Mix  (Sheepy Mix ) from Mr. Suicide Sheep   of You Tube. Tolerance  did the mix.

Check out the tracklist and the mix…

00:00 Rameses B – Pure
02:48 Tritonal – Still With Me (feat. Cristina Soto) (Seven Lions remix)
05:32 Skream – Give You Everything (feat. Freckles)
09:33 III-Esha – Only Fair
12:24 Ficci – While The City Dreams
16:17 Sorrow – My Love
19:50 Koda – Hands
24:09 Paper Aeroplanes – Little Letters (Lung remix)
26:00 The Walton Hoax – Chemical Burn
28:23 Of Porcelain – Signal The Captain
30:44 Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Household Goods (Zeds Dead remix)
33:34 Sizzlebird – Joie de Vivre
36:14 Zedd – Clarity (feat. Foxes) (Aylen remix)
39:40 Skrillex – Leaving
43:51 Jakwob – Blinding (feat. Rocky Nti)
46:22 LuQus – Black & Blue
49:00 KOAN Sound, Gemini, Culprate & Asa – Beyond The Shadows
54:28 Rudimental – Not Giving In (feat. John Newman & Alex Clare) (Phaeleh remix)
57:38 Mikko Ekko – Pull Me Down (Emperor remix)
1:00:53 Neil Davidge – Green & Blue (KOAN Sound remix)