The Reign Began With A Drizzle

I’m weather forecasting like Al Roker….spotted inclement weather like in Afghanistan with Karzai..somebody is a damn lie!!  but I know the reign began with a drizzle!

Whatever said the naysayer!!  just a foul joker that’s soon in pain after their plans fizzle!

Whats the dizzle? as Venezuela elects a successor to Hugo Chavez…I’m easy like this Sunday morning per the Commodores…chilling in the lab drinking Juan Valdez…

Whats the dizzle? let me tell you something; soon a brotha plays the lottery at Chavez’s Citgo station..flags were at half staff…or maybe I’ll go up to the Quik Trip station on Wesley Chapel Rd in Decatur Georgia…might get get a cup of Fair Trade coffee from Honduras….

But I digress…Whats the dizzle? check the weather…cunning and clever ones know whats up..taking advice…math dropped based on what veterans in the sport said…as we govern ourselves accordingly on this Sunday… like old school baptist preachers told us!

So called cunning and clever ones seem flabbergasted….like Egyptians mad about Port Said… now they try to reach us;  but they acted funny …down? they didn’t hold us!

We kept on running…even though it got lonely out there!! but haters try to fold us /stamp us;  like postal workers pushing the envelope!

Its cold out here to us!! even though we just set the clock to spring forward; Al Gore mentioned global warming;  Rev.  Jesse Jackson said up with hope and down with dope!

Its cold out here!! some try to score bath salts, synthetic pot,  or even E tablets!

Its cold out here!!  the reign began with a drizzle!!  now O-Dizzle chops beats up while O-Zone writes this good word on tablets!

Its cold out here!!  the reign began with a drizzle..but seasons and reasons change;  haters damned us if we did or didn’t!

No pain no gain was the dizzle or cliché from back in the day;  Pops told me conditions would be harsh…he said deal with it!


Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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