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Monthly Archives: January 2013

I’m ready to start this thing up!!  like France In Mali….what will the style be?  I was told to push the green button!

I had to laugh!! the mothership has landed…I had this the funk..but earthlings were told to go green after being gluttons!

Others were gluttons for punishment like Republicans vs Chuck Hagel..but that’s how they work things…soon victims of circumstances!

Others hit switches, turned dials, and pushed buttons;  but soon they’re in debatable circumstances!

Being built or torn down?  a joker gets played like a clown after dances with the devil;  soon going under!

Not in Australia..the coping strategy will fail ya!!  bets were placed..the bookies will ask you;  over or under?

Mass hysteria is like Syria!!  somebody find the green button so we can reset things!

Dashboards are checked..whats the stats? as I get real with ya!! I  had to put

Wu-Tang Clan - Sentrum Scene 2010

Wu-Tang Clan – Sentrum Scene 2010 (Photo credit: NRK P3)

it on default settings!

We clash with board of directors in so many sectors!! from Wall Street to  Louisville to the ATL!

Cash ruled everything around me per the Wu Tang Clan …some are caught under the spell!

Everything is everything per Donny Hathaway!! that’s what a joker said….  meanwhile I’m trying to find the green button!

Trying to make a difference with this breakbeat me it means something!


Digital Crate Digging Continues….checking out Unsung Heroes on TV One;  they did an episode on The Ohio Players…so I’m in funk mode now!!    R.I.P Sugarfoot  (Leroy Bonner) …checking out Who She Coo? a little something different from Fire…Skin Tight…or Rollercoaster


Sunday Jazz Continues…but organist  Brother Jack McDuff said he had a Hunk of Funk to drop on us!!

This is off of his To Seek A New Home album that came out back in 1970…

Check out the players and the track…

  • Brother Jack McDuff – organ, piano
  • Martin Drover, Terry Noonan, Bud Parks – trumpet
  • John Bennett, Adrian Drover – trombone
  • David Statham, Willie Watson – french horn
  • Norman Leppard, Dick Morrissey, Jack Whitford, Dave Willis – reeds
  • Typhena Partridge – harp
  • J.J. Jackson – piano, percussion
  • Terry Smith – guitar
  • Larry Steele – electric bass
  •  Phil Leaford – drums

Sunday Jazz Continues…checking out  The Pat Metheny & Joshua Redman “Wish” Quartet with a cut called  Turnaround.  Check them out!!


Digital Crate Digging Continues…..real crate digging…checking out Dreaming A Dream from Crown Heights Affair….heard it yesterday on 91.9 WCLK …had to check it out..once again

…some disco jazz..for that ass!! Music from this period (the 1970’s) had elements from everywhere mixed in….jazz, funk , soul…check out this classic..



Whats the deal?  were all up in the Newtown residents in DC at the gun control march..I guess you can say were all in!

Shady deals still going down….per Gov. Nathan “Shady” Deal down here in Georgia?  please ….check the Deliberate Falsehood…a  perpetrator said we can all win!

Plus the baptist preacher said we all sin and fall short of the glory of God!

Plus the fire baptism will reach ya!! especially  if your rolling with the wrong squad!

The Mod Squad per Linc Hayes was laying in the cut to see what they could do!

Its odd!!  armchair quarterbacks link plays….some will conduct nuclear tests  like North Korea.. trying to see what they could do!

Check the mass hysteria…or the weather..Indian Summer or nuclear winter? some are acting like reality is a John Madden electronic game!

Rocking Dockers khakis,  Steve Madden kicks…. while a bruh is an African or Indian drummer..its the Sonic Assault O-Dizzle kicks!!  some will get hit with the blackjack...but its all game!

Whats the dizzle? the ATL player asked… what it is?  were all to blame per the apparatus!

The reign began with a drizzle…now who’ll  clean up the mess like French Troops in Mali?  what will the style be? future hall of fame candidates update their Facebook status!

Face to face with a crook when they holla at this?  according to stereotypes they are!

Were all in…its a rat race dog eat dog per Mr Cole R.I.P….going through the healing process to erase the scar!

Digital Crate Digging Continues…checking out bassist  William Parker  and his version of Curtis Mayfield‘s If There’s a Hell Below….

This is from the – I Plan To Stay A Believer (The Inside Songs Of Curtis Mayfield) album by Mr. Parker from 2010…of course a tribute album to Mr. Mayfield…

Check out the players and the track…

bass William Parker  / piano Dave Burrell  /   drums Hamid Drake 

trumpeter Lewis Barnes / saxophonist Darryl Foster and and Sabir Mateen,

percussionist Guillermo E. Brown. / vocals Leena Conquest

Digital Crate Digging Continues…checking out some jazz / funk / rock.

Check out this cut called Golden Dawn Suite from  Al Di Meola …from his Land Of The Midnight Sun album…featuring  Jaco Pastorius and Alphonse Mouzon….this is classic material cousin!!

Check out the players and the track…

  • James Mingo Lewis: Percussion

As we proceed and continueonce again its on!! please!! it’s like Hillary Clinton vs The Senators class is in session! 

True indeed!!  jokers were clowning!! the menu was prepared by chefs in hells you know the masses are stressing! 

True indeed!! its like Drones in Pakistan…whats up man?  broken beats and English teach the classes a lesson;  O-Dizzle has the Sonic Blackjack! 

True indeed!! rolling up like Keystone XL pipeline?  please!! this is no Comedy Central joke!! that’s the dizzle!!  as we bring it back! 

Fallacies were exposed; O-Zone aka Omanxl1 is going for mine… central to the purpose? it’s this breakbeat scientific business! 

Policies left some exposed they weren’t composed;  a fanatic was rolling like John Boehner..he tried to tell them what the deal is!

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Class Is In Session / Teaching Them A Lesson.

I heard what was said!! Samuel L Jackson told Atlanta Falcons to Rise Up!

Some are misled…like the Falcons they could score but couldn’t stop anybody!!  unlike Hillary Clinton…they couldn’t defend themselves…maybe next year they can wise up! 

Nothing to fear but fear…like the unrest in Mali…what will the style be?  as we size up the competition; with a Fresh Vision  we were peeping game! 

As we go there!! chillinglow key;  not loud and boisterous like these ATLiens..but were not sleeping in the game! 

Creeping up in the game…like the North Korea nuclear program slow rolling on them; some passed us upthey crashed and burned! 

Cheap merchandise should have been returned to the service desk!! were hoping the lesson was learned!


Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Rise Up or Wise Up?.