She Said It Is What It Is….

The prophetess stated we should accept it..change our perspective…damn!!  at the end of the day we should realize it is what it is!

Going through the the presidential how will we run the play? please!! its time for transition…. like Teena Marie it has to be Square Biz!

They threaten to pull some out of the lineup like Mike Vick when in reality Andy Reid needs to go!

Their was no blocking…but plenty of hustle knocking..even Marcus Vick chipped in…but we weren’t fooled by it the smoke and mirrors…breakbeat scientific business gets handled…we go for what we know…

O-Dizzle is rocking..O-Zone is typing this good word…we planted a secret garden; were waiting on the seeds to grow!

But plans fizzle…old girl said it is what it is..bombs explode like Damascus..who did you vote for? in the Northeast you can’t ask us because of Superstorm Sandy…understand me? so whatcha know?

A snitch says he needs to know;  acting like a secret squirrel out trying to get a nut!

Whats the verdict? up in Louisville / Newburg or Charlotte / Mecklenburg a ditch is where he lays …for acting like a nut in a hut!

How will some work it?  please!! they’ll have to network to get work…programmed by the corrupt ….who told them it was like this and like that!

How did we work it…slow jammed?  naw!! ..O-Dizzle puts it down…so whats up with that?…whats the dizzle?  I told jokers it is what it is;  they can’t fight that!

…told them to get right with that; the higher the final hour approaches!

Thats word from this veteran in the game who now coaches!


Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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