Invisible Man’s Band – All Night Thing (Long Version)

Digital Crate Digging Continues….checking out this soul /funk / disco classic from the Invisible Man’s Band…All Night Thing!!  plus its the long still sounds good!!

DJ Vadim – This DJ (Dubstep Ting) featuring JMan

Digital Crate Digging Continues…checking out DJ Vadim with his cut called This DJ (Dubstep Ting) featuring JMan…funky funky funky!!


Blackmill Melodic Dubstep Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues….checking out this smooth / chilled out mix from Blackmill …just right after the Thanksgiving / Black Friday weekend…check out the tracklist and the track….
0:00 Embrace    5:03 Fortune Soul     8:14 Let it Be   13:29 A Reach For Glory

17:16 Lucid Truth   21:05 My Love   25:18 Evil Beauty   28:45 Sarajevo (Los Contreras) (Remix)

32:39 Your Song (Ellie Goulding) (Remix)    36:54 Rain


James “Blood” Ulmers Music Revelation Ensemble – “Street Bride”

Sunday Jazz Continues…checking out James “Blood”  Ulmer‘s Music Revelation Ensemble – “Street Bride” …recorded at the Toronto Jazz Festival in 1993….sort of a jazz / funk /rock thing …check out the players and the track…

James Blood Ulmer – guitar …..Amin Ali – bass ….Cornell Rochester – drums



Johnny Hammond – Tell Me What To Do

Sunday Jazz is back after a slight hiatus; kicking things off with Johnny Hammond and  Tell Me What To Do; featuring production by the Mizell brothers..Larry and Fonce.

Those cats were know for their production work with  Bobbi Humphrey and Donald Byrd.

This cut is from the Johnny Hammond  album “Gears” . check out the players and the track…

  • Harvey Mason – Drums    Chuck Rainey – Electric Bass    Craig McMullen, John Rowin – Guitar
  • Roger Glenn – Flute, Vibraphone   Kenneth Nash – Cymbal, Gong, Percussion
  • Hadley Caliman – Tenor Saxophone  Julian Priester – Trombone
  • Michael White – Violin

Clearance Rack Epiphanies; Black Friday / Cyber Monday Edition

Check out these clearance rack epiphanies….its the Black Friday  or the Cyber Monday Edition.

Checked out the interference from those and these..hating on how a black man will play like Republicans /John McCain vs  Pres. Obama….check the drama..some jokers are hyper…whats the deal with them?

Meanwhile hard work was put in…blue collar style;  but I was peeping game… checking the status quo!

Some jokers try to grab power like Morsi in Egypt…also things aren’t working due to glitches in the matrix;  the company said they’ll let us go!

Jokers were like Snap..said they had the power…checked out how the thought and fashion police try to detain a bro; but its  just distractions!

Aw Snap!! check out the fire power unleashed by these clearance rack epiphanies..Sonic Assaults are blasting!! its  fuel for goals that are attainable…check out the  reality checks cashed during the transactions!

Was it a trap? check the debatable circumstances…being built or torn down? transformation or a metamorphis takes place….as we move beyond the status quo!

Was it a trap? blessing or a curse? soon a victim of circumstance ..information overloads trip up some;  they’ll have to let it go!

Some will let go..R.I.P to Larry Hagman aka JR Ewing..some act brand new again..soon on the clearance rack like these epiphanies..they’ll have to roll out with the quickness!!  hope they aren’t in Chevy Aveo/Vega!

…or a Nissan Versa ..things can go sideways / vice versa;  its all game like Genesis Sega!

It’s on!!  check the status quo…as I drop these clearance rack epiphanies on the Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend…down I-20 in Atlanta I was dipping… listening to Louie Vega all up in the hooptie;  its cold!

….that’s the weather;  a hater said whatever!!  check the status quo; when will the truth be told?

It Makes You Wanna Holla

Much respect to Marvin Gaye as I borrow his line;  “It Makes You Wanna Holla”

No respect shown !! check out how the system will play per Black Friday and Cyber Monday; whose thrown under the bus because somebody wanted a dollar?

Checked things out…observing the scene…grew up as a gangster but wanted to be a scholar;  so I did the knowledge!

Checked things out…not a prankster…like X-37B I will blast off…intergalactic with it…please!!  I was out beyond Pluto and Mars…the mothership gets good mileage!

Checked things out..when the mothership landed on earth…saw the physical and mental scars… these earthlings are struggling!

Checked things out …now blue collar style work is put in…as a  brotha gets scientific with it;  that’s how I work things!

A fanatic tried to holla at me…mentioned taking over like Morsi in whats up with it? were talking points manipulated like Benghazi?

….rebuked by these mathematics when I ” holla back” …. but jokers continue to think things are fugazi!

….juked at joints…fired on..nuked at starting or turning points; and its not  So Amazing like Luther!

The system wasn’t checking for us…it anoints one or another…its a crazy thing when they act brand new with ya!

Making one “wanna holla” …some get played because another wanted a dollar;  its like this and like that!

Making one “wanna holla” ….as we continue the struggle / saga …its like this and like that!

Putting It Down Like This; Spiritual Significance In This Operation..

As we proceed and continue..chilling on this Thanksgiving holiday….its like this and like that and a!

True indeed!  folk tried to “holla at me”  like cease fires in the Gaza...asking am I living? but didn’t really understand a brah!

Whatcha need? some are looking for a beacon of hope..checking the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade;  some ask me..what’s up with a brah?  I told them everybody is going through search of deliverance!

True indeed!!  as we put it down like this…like NATO deploying missiles in Turkey…who will work with me?  with this operation that has spiritual significance!

Some wonder what the deal is..they thought I was somebody else…then asking me where I’ve been;  when I was here all the time!

Wonders of the universe were checked out like Pluto and Makemake while observing the scene; soon ready to due time!

Brothas in the hood don’t do all the crime… check insider trading on Wall Street by SAC Capital; …plus local, national, or international politicians were on a mission…they’re the culprits!

The Deliberate Falsehood is in full effect …you know these jokers are corrupt with this!

Whose acting false in the hood? like City Council meeting drama with Cory Booker…every obstacle possible is the by product of their plotting and scheming!

This operation has spiritual significance… reality slaps me upside the head to tell me I’m not dreaming!

Trying to take it to the hole like Lebron and them..but society is double and triple teaming me;  or even playing a zone defense!

Like Israel’s Iron Dome…what’s up Holmes? please!! we didn’t fake it until we make it like some roll;  there’s spiritual significance in this operation..check the Sonic Assault on this danger zone…where offense is the best defense!