Change – Searching

Digital Crate Digging Continues….listening to some classic disco / funk from the group Change…with a cut called Searching!!!  off their Glow Of Love album…whatcha know about them?…the first group Luther Vandross was a part of..check it out!!

The Mission Statement….Once Again…

Whats really going on?  like questioning Pres. Obama’s performance at the debate…it’s a question I ask myself; so I go on with my bad self… check this mission statement!

Like the Turkey -Syria border danger zone residents bear witness to how the hate can get!

I couldn’t relate to it…it’s not family or La Familia  Michoacana  like in Gwinnett County!

…..Georgia….. familiar spirits dipped across the border;  but  Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano of the Zetas was caught out there, meanwhile I was laying in the cut; but jokers found me!

…..Like there was a bounty on my head per Dog The Bounty Hunter!

Whats really going on? evidence is stacked like against Lance Armstrong…they said I was wrong…but  I just play the basic role of a gatherer and hunter!

Breakbeat science is dropped!!  more math for we come through strong!!…with a fresh vision;  as we put it down like this!

Some haven’t seen the signs…spiritual warfare is still going down;  we continue to fight this!

The light is at the end of the tunnel; that’s what I told those waiting in the dark!

They were misled;  chefs in hell’s kitchen fed them meals that lacked authorities are on a mission…. peeps are under surveillance;  police vehicles were waiting in park!

Can’t be nice with the devil like Obama towards Romney at the debate….when did the hating start?  its been around since day one!

Check the debatable circumstances;  being built or torn down? the  system will try to play one!

…Or another….word from this funky soul brotha!!  as we hit you up with this mission statement!

Letting my people know whats really going  on; before they catch a foul that’s flagrant!

Donald Byrd – Lansana’s Priestess

Digital Crate Digging Continues…last episode I had DJ Spinna‘s remix of this Donald Byrd classic Lansana’s Priestess…..this song has been in my head all day!! checking out the original version…nice!!  this is from his Street Lady album check out the players….


Ladies and gentleman? that’s an all star cast….check this out!!



Mad At The World / In Conflict With The World

I was peeping game…checked the attitude…like people buying gas in California…. some of these jokers seem like their mad at the world!

But I wasn’t sleeping ….check the is put in…not fumbling like Mike Vick is.. check this breakbeat science I’m kicking to the world!

….based on being in conflict with the world.. sometimes it feels like I’m standing alone against it!

But I suddenly feel like a giant!!  now stepping over all the pain and anguish!

Noticing how strange it is….being subject to the authority; but some say its like Venezuela with Hugo Chavez …..under the reign of corruption!

All up in the spot surrounded by the yellow tape; supposedly the site is under construction!

Meanwhile some are in conflict with this world..mad at it;  outraged by the destruction!

Check the Total Chaos…some are in a state of despair and turmoil;  meanwhile we plant seeds in fertile soil..that’s whats up son!

Taking a loss?  firing on the police like Jonathan Bun or going off like James Holmes in Colorado?

Taking a loss…the police said stay on point when visiting Detroit…jokers are  mad at the world;  needing to contact the heavenly father!

…..especially after the drama unfurled..more than global warming was making things hotter!

Some talk tough like Mitt Romney…but aren’t going to do anything..not knowing all the details…especially when the seat gets hotter…

Holland Tunnel Project – Hell Up In Newark


Sunday Jazz Continues…checking out the Holland Tunnel Project….with Hell Up In Newark…from a project called What Hip Hop Left Behind…Holland Tunnel Project consists of  Harold Martin and Trouble Jones….plus other musicians…check them out!!



9th Wonder – Away From Me (Instrumental)

Sunday Jazz Continues….checking out 9th Wonder‘s Away From Me instrumental from the Little Brother debut album The Listening

…9th Wonder makes those jazzy / soulful hip hop beats…that’s why I usually feature him in my Sunday Jazz  series…..check this out…

Sean Price “STFU Part 2” (Mic Tyson Cover Animation Video)

Digital Crate Digging Continues….back on some hip hop….this might be the hardest hip hop coming out in 2012…checking out my man Duckdown Record’s Sean Price…..with  “STFU Part 2”  ( check out this Mic Tyson Cover Animation Video)….music produced by Alchemist


Jokers were politicking….I heard what was said…some were talking junk… others  were tricking;  they said they had it!

Others were kicking knowledge supposedly like Mitt Romney at the debate... rolling like Michael Jackson ….bad with it!

What will the response be? I’m peeping did the fad get? like  Nehru and Members Only jackets it was played out after a while!!

Sleeping in the game?  like so called friendly fire killed the Border Patrol agent?  you get gaffled that way!!  rough like the Members Only episode of The Sopranos…meanwhile my staff will play the brand new funk on Cd’s, cassettes, MP3s, and vinyl!

Whose politicking up in this piece  like its the presidential campaign?

Some said were behind schedule because we didn’t participate…but actually were a step ahead;  just trying to maintain!

What did one gain?  politicking!!  rolling in the Lexus …swagging…the license tag said hurt em bad!

The vanity plate on the Fleetwood Brougham over in Decatur said blessed and highly favored; but old girl was dragging baggage like Erykah  Badu mentioned…what about the drama they had?

I heard what was said.. the politicking;  some work the angles and opposites!

….Said they’re scientific like Sir Isaac Newton but acting brand new again…now  matching composites!

A fanatic shows flashes of brilliance like Cam Newton but they aren’t ready!

Erratic when they’re politicking ….asking what the deal is with job reports like Mitt Romney;  what will the response be? cons will be running games.. they’ll get rocked steady!