We’re All In

It seems were caught up in the system / matrix…were all in!

Teams joined the league or conference like West Virginia…said they can take it..we can all win!

So whats happening? they get knocked off balance….some of us had the audacity to hope  for a second term..like Obama!

Running campaigns…letting the devil catch up with us;  like New England Patriots did to the New York Jets….now Mark Sanchez is busy pimping…a binder full of women? meanwhile we were exercising diplomatic immunity  / trying to maintain…but caught up in the drama!

…Some of it was due to cosmic karma;  like the New England Compounding Center  contributing to the meningitis scare..we’re  bearing witness to our creation!

Cosmic Slop like Funkadelic…. but not funky music…the false witnessing led to hating!

Some didn’t stop running and telling it…we’re dealing with the Deliberate Falsehood..jokers  were acting false in the hood; now its under lockdown!

Its all good was the cliche… as we let the music play O-Dizzle will rock the sound!

Knocked down during the saga / struggle that were all in;  but I got back up!

Bobbing and weaving like Muhammad Ali..like a Louisville  bruh will do;  I can’t let up!

Not saying I can’t be set up though;  were all in this system / matrix!

During the ongoing process I play it like the cliche..I keep it real not trying to fake it until I make it!

Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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