Curtis Mayfield – Move On Up (Extended Version)

Digital Crate Digging Continues…checking out this real soul music from Curtis Mayfield …with his classic cut Move On Up…listening to it closely…noticed it has a jazzy /drum and bass feel to it around the 4 minute mark…

Phonique – Vincent Price (Original Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues…Halloween is tomorrow…guess I make a contribution to the cause…checking out Berlin DJ /Producer Phonique ( Michael Vater) …with his cut called Vincent Price..he of horror movie fame….check this out….

Quantic – Life in the Rain

Digital Crate Digging Continues…most of the East Coast is getting hit up by high winds and rain from Sandy…formerly known as Hurricane Sandy before being downgraded..but still doing damage.

I guess were living “Life In The Rain”  jazz , funk, hip hop style….per this Quantic track!! ..or is it caught in the reign?   that’s another story….in the meantime and between time check the track…


Donald Byrd & Pepper Adams Quintet ft. Herbie Hancock – Currio’s

Sunday Jazz Continues…in conjunction with digital crate digging…had to dig real deep to find this one…its the Donald Byrd & Pepper Adams Quintet ft. Herbie Hancock  with a track called  Currio’s

…Donald Byrd pre-Mizell Brothers…plus Herbie Hancock pre-Headhunters..its nice and smooth though!! these cats are playing!! check out the players and the track….

Donald Byrd – trumpet…..Pepper Adams – baritone saxophone
Herbie Hancock – piano…..Laymon Jackson – bass….Jimmy Cobb – drums

Sunny Murray and The Untouchable Factor: Something’s Cookin’

Digital Crate Digging Continues…and I mean some real crate digging

…posted up vibe player Khan Jamal on my other site The Sonic Assault…while doing the knowledge / research on Khan Jamal I noticed he played in Sunny Murray’s The Untouchable Factor group

….here’s a cut from that group….featuring  Sunny Murray, drums; Khan Jamal, vibes; Fred Hopkins, bass; David Murray, reeds; Byard Lancaster, saxophone and flute….

These cats are getting off!! check them out…..

Liquid Dubstep Mix [Episode 4]

Digital Crate Digging Continues….checking  out this mix from Perceptor called the Liquid Dubstep Mix Episode 4 ….this mix has a jazzy feel to it…..check out the playlist and the mix…

0:00 The XX – Intro (Deep Focus Remix)
4:14 Blackmill – The Light (Full Version)
9:22 Blackmill – Journey’s End
13:56 Nutronic – Run Away (xKore Remix)
18:31 Blackmill – Evil Beauty
21:47 Ellie Goulding – Your Song (Blackmill Remix)
26:06 Phaeleh -Should Be True

Dubstep Mix : November ► Statix

Digital Crate Digging Continues…checking out the Dubstep Mix Show courtesy of Pandaamsterdam..

This is the Dubstep Mix for November featuring Statix…from the UK…on Screwloose Records.

Check out the playlist and enjoy the mix……

● Tracklisting ●
1. Statix — Mind Over Matter — Screwloose      2. Statix — Purgatory — Rottun

3. Statix — Devoid of a Soul — Rottun  4. Statix — Proxima Centauri — Free Download
5. Statix — Origin — Free Download    6. Gatekeeper — Ignite ft Grillza & Dread (Statix Remix) — Screwloose
7. Statix — Samurai (Matta Remix) — Screwloose  8. Statix — Grudge (Balkansky Remix) — Culture Assault Dub
9. Statix — Mind Over Matter (Sinister Souls Remix) — Screwloose  10. Eddie K & Statix — Blinded — Hench
11. Statix — Escape — Screwloose  12. Teknian — Desperados (Statix Remix) — Screwloose
13. Statix — Samurai — Screwloose   14. Eddie K & Statix — Anymore — Hench  15. Eddie K & Statix — Anymore (100bpm edit) – Hench

16. Eddie K & Statix — Anymore (Astronaut Remix) – Dub    17. Statix & N3gus — A.D.D — Free Download

18. Statix — Mind Over Matter (LoKo Remix) — Screwloose  19. Foreign Beggars ft Alix Perez — LDN (Eddie K & Statix Remix) — Never Say Die
20. Statix — Intergalactic Temples — Dub   21. Statix — Londinium — Screwloose
22. Statix — Londinium (Vexisle Remix) — Screwloose    23. Kate Mcgill — Replaced (Statix Remix)

Were All In PT.2

Getting what we ask for…like Republicans if Romney wins? we mentioned going in….now were in it now…up to our necks!

Were all in…trying to multi-task…a jack of all trades but a master of none.. like Bank of America  mortgage frauds..society disrespects!

Were all in…we kept on running.…..we win some and lose some..then we tie like soccer or hockey!

Were all in…O-Dizzle is the funky type of soul brotha….he’ll use the drum plus O-Zone will use the battle cry Lord Help!  Lord Help!  finding out where the solid rock will be!

The system will knock me and my they do Obama….I  discussed this with the homies on Candler Rd in Decatur!

How you living brotha? a joker over on Memorial Drive asked me… soon subject to the authority the whims of a hater!

A thin ice skater will try to be a dictator but the Arab Spring shows that style is played out!

Plus global warming is in full a fool gets no respect…out onto melting Arctic glaciers they strayed out!

No longer cooler than a polar bear….jokers are caught up in a raid out there caught up in the system / matrix!

Were all in….from the homies on Polar Rock Rd in Atlanta to my peeps on Beatties Ford Rd in Charlotte in the heart of it..real with it…they didn’t fake it!

So whats the deal with it? polar opposites go at it like Shiites vs Sunni Muslims in Pakistan.

Damn!! it looks like were all in…like the Microsoft Surface vs the Apple iPad…its on…once again…