Moombahton Mix For August 2012: The Dooze Jackers

Digital Crate Digging Continues….checking out this slamming August 2012 Moombahton mix featuring Montreal Canada’s Dooze Jackers.…..for those that “ain’t knowin” …Moombahton is a fusion genre of house music and reggaeton

check out the ● TRACKLISTING ●
1. Black Tiger Sex Machine – Kannibaleen Anthem (Dooze Jackers Remix)  2. Dooze Jackers – Kizzz
3. Dooze Jackers & Deviance – K.I.S.S.I.N.G.  4. Dooze Jackers – Got Line (Vocal Edit)
5. Dooze Jackers – Beamstorm (Vocal Edit)  6. Dooze Jackers Ft. Le Petit Belge – Dead Sultan
7. Marc Rémillard – Jungle Knockout (Dooze Jackers Remix) 8. Dooze Jackers & Wes De Graaf – Fear Nah Ragga
9. Dooze Jackers & Wes De Graaf – Euh!  10. Dooze Jackers – Gyal  11. Team Jaguar – Max Hardcore (Dooze Jackers Remix) * Exclusive
12. Dabin – Electropolitics (Dooze Jackers Remix)  13. Carrier – Slapback (Dooze Jackers Remix)
14. Dooze Jackers – Katenya  15. Dooze Jackers – Hands Up  16. Dooze Jackers – Run The Track
17. Dooze Jackers & Wes De Graaf – Fiyah!   18. Dooze Jackers – Rewind  19. Dooze Jackers – Why We Fwee
20. Dooze Jackers & Eloi & Heights – Poppin Up   21. Dooze Jackers – Horsey (Remix)playlist….

Author: omanxl1

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