Idris Muhammad – Loran’s Dance

Digital Crate Digging Continues…in conjunction with What  I Listen To At Work…it was a rough day on the 9 to 5…at one time I had to go to the hooptie just to chill out

…turned on WCLK 91.9..the Jazz Of The City…here in Atlanta…they played this song…Loran’s Dance by Idris Muhammad…(Grover Washington has a version of this song…he even plays on this) ..soon everything was alright!! it was so nice I had to listen to it again..check it out…

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Idris Muhammad – Loran’s Dance.


Digital Crate Digging Continues…checking out another Panda Dubstep Mixshow….this one featuring  Screwloose Records Tim Ismag in the mix…Screwloose Records putting in work…check the playlist…

1. Tim Ismag – Break The Wall [Screwloose Records]  2. Zimo – Evil Eye (Tambour Battant Remix) DUB
3. Symbiotic – Beatdown [DUB]  4. Tim Ismag – Darkness Chosen [DUB]  5. Datsik – Fully Blown [The Frim Remix] FREE
6. Tim Ismag – Shanghai Flight [DUB]   7. Shy Kidz – Get Up! (Competition remix) FREE  8. Drumsound & Bassline Smith feat. MC Youngman – R U Ready (Dubstep Remix)
9. Getter – Deadly [DUB]    10. 1point5 & Obscenity – Hexanite (Tim Ismag Remix)  11. Torqux – Corrected [DUB]

12. Tim Ismag – Girlfriend [DUB]    13. Tim Ismag – Girlfriend (Subdue Remix) DUB   14. Jayglo – Rope Closer [DUB]

15. Skope & Twisted Kaos – They’re Coming (Tim Ismag Remix) DUB   16. Cookie Monsta – Level Up

17. Datsik – (Paradigm Remix) FREE   18. Getter & Barron – Fancy Party [DUB]   19. Tim Ismag – X Men [FREE]

20. Tim Ismag – Neverland [DUB]   21. Tim Ismag – Crappy Diamonds [DUB]   22. Tim Ismag – You [Screwloose Records]

23. Vibeizm – Take You Home (Tim Ismag Remix) DUB   24. Tim Ismag Ft.Astronaut – Feel Me (Let Me Go) [Screwloose Records]

25. Tim Ismag – Desty Raver [Screwloose Records]


Digital Crate Digging Continues….In conjunction to What I Listen To At Work….listening to WCLK 91.9 here in Atlanta today….heard Marcus Miller’s version of War’s Slipping Into Darkness….it was smoking hot!! 

…found this live version from the Jimi Festival over in Poland…a tribute to Jimi Hendrix..

….on this cut of course Marcus Miller is on bass……Alex Han – sax, Kris Bowers – keys, Maurice Brown – trumpet, Louis Cato – drums and Adam Agati – guitar…check it out!!


Tito Puente – Oye Como Va

Sunday Jazz Continues…checking out some Latin jazz with Tito Puente and Oye Como Va…a song written by Tito Puente in 1963 and popularized by Santana’s rendition of the song in 1970.also from Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories….check it out..

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Tito Puente – Oye Como Va.

Dj Spooky, Matthew Shipp, William Parker, Guillermo Brown (LIVE)

Sunday Jazz Continues…ran across this gem….hip hop vs jazz

…..DJ Spooky on turntables and sound effects…Matthew Shipp on piano…..William Parker on bass and Guilermo Brown on drums…don’t know the title of the cut…but its funky!! check it out!!

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Dj Spooky, Matthew Shipp, William Parker, Guillermo Brown (LIVE).

All Up In The Spot..Still Out Here Trying To Maintain

Caught up caught out here….as we go there…trying to steer the mothership to a safe haven / safe harbor…whats up?  me and my people are trying to maintain!

Caught up in a drought like America is…they’ve got us praying for rain!

The drought is also spiritual…but that’s another story as some of us are playing in pain like veterans trying to get the glory…meanwhile some are even dancing for rain; cool!! as long as they don’t dance with the devil! 

Some are even understanding the reign /pain; part of the rule concerning no gain..when your trying to take things to another level! 

Some experience frustration…like James Holmes in Aurora..a guy blows his top when hard luck piles on..his mind cracked…yeah!! that’s what happened baby girl said…dealing with another devil that fakes it? whats up Holmes…out in those streets?  snitches were in disguise; a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Dealing with matrix glitches..orchestrated purposely by The Architect…searching for respect vs The Oracle…whatcha know? dealing with Agent Smith when matters were discussed at the staff meeting; some are fearing / loathing! Check the rest of this article at ……………….

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: All Up In The Spot..Still Out Here Trying To Maintain.

Still Dealing With The Information Overload

Checked out the staff meeting as thought and fashion police collaborate to discuss rules and regulations! 

Contributing to the confusion in the world..check the information overload…..mind over matter? no heart or intuition used? soon the institution abused…check the penalties and fines for late registrations! 

While the International Space Station tries do detect dark matter those that hate propose legislations; told some of my kinfolk  the transformation to a drug overlord was the wrong move!

 Skating on thin ice affected by global warming?  check the weather..meanwhile I span the globe brainstorming….under or over mode? like in a projects crap game..what were they trying to prove? 

Waiting in the dark with their faction…said they’re about to blackout…but like Syrian troops in Aleppo …authorities put the move on them! 

Waiting in Shawnee Park in Louisville back in the day; ah!!! checking out The Sunday Car Show….chilling in the Buick deuce and a quarter…busting a move on them! Check out the rest of this article at  THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Still Dealing With The Information Overload.


Digital Crate Digging…checking out another mix from the Panda Dubstep MixShow      ..this one features Dilemn, whose real name is Gauvain Fargeot,  a French electro music producer…check out the track list…

1. Talk About Us Ft. Ayah Marar   2. Watts Of Funkin   3. Two Points   4. Kill The Nation  5. Afraid Of Change

Check this mix out!!