Chilling Instead Of Illing / But Soon Ready To Roll

Whats the deal?  like Drew Brees and the Saints…this bruh is chilling instead of illing! 

I was observing the scene….the thought and fashion police were on patrol like Arizona police enforcing immigration laws; plus roadblocks are set up…they heard somebody was making a killing! 

Plus jokers tried to set up martial law like Egypt…whats up with it?  Sonic Assaults are usually unleashed in response; clashing with titans is a regular occurrence!

Reality taught us you can be built or torn down during debatable circumstances! 

Whats the deally? from New York to Florida..and on out to Texas  bath salts and K-2 led to cannibalism;  chemicals didn’t balance!

Faults and imperfections were accented when others show malice!

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Idris Muhammad – Superbad

Digital Crate Digging Continues…checking out drummer Idris Muhammad’s version of James Brown’s Superbad…

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Idris Muhammad – Superbad.

George Duke (Deja Vu) – What Goes Around Comes Around

Digital Crate Digging Continues…Checking out this smooth song from George Duke called “what goes around comes around” ..nice and smooth…

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: George Duke (Deja Vu) – What Goes Around Comes Around.

Pharoah Sanders – Balance

Sunday Jazz Continues….fate is something else…was browsing…looking for something else and found this classic piece of work…Pharoah Sanders and the song Balance…which is what I was looking for today…chilling out…listening to some of this good jazz on a Sunday afternoon / evening…Mr. Sanders co-conspirators are…

Alto Saxophone — Sonny Fortune ……Bass — Cecil McBee, Sirone (Norris Jones)*

Drums — Billy Hart, Majeed Shabazz*   Drums [African] — Chief Bey

Guitar — Sonny Sherrock*  ………….. Percussion — Nat Bettis, Tony Wylie

Piano — Lonnie Liston Smith …………….Producer — Clifford Jordan, Jr.*
Saxophone, Percussion, Composed By — Pharoah Sanders….Tuba — Howard Johnson (3)
Vocals, Percussion — Leon Thomas ….this is what is called free jazz… old girl once said ” everybody won’t be able”…to understand….if you know what I mean….because …man!! these cats are playing!!!

Kenny Dorham – Melanie

Sunday Jazz Continues…damn!! still on this Kenny Dorham; this cat had some nice sounds!!….check out his Quintet with this cut called Melanie…off of his Matador album

…this version of his quintet consisted of Kenny Dorham on trumpet ….Jackie McLean  on alto sax
Bobby Timmons on piano (check out his solo…its smoking!!)…..Teddy Smith on bass and J.C. Moses on drums…Mr. McClean wrote the song

…..Melanie must have been something else!!!  check the way these cats are expressing themselves on this song!! check it out at

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Kenny Dorham – Melanie.

John Coltrane-Double Clutching

Sunday Jazz Continues….checking out this John Coltrane track called Double Clutching…heard it earlier this week on 91.1 WREK the Georgia Tech radio station…down there where the students are getting robbed; but I digress

….anyway… John Coltrane is on tenor saxophone….Cecil Taylor on  piano

he had Kenny Dorham on trumpet…I featured him earlier…..Chuck Israels is on bass and  Louis Hayes is on  drums….Mr. Israels wrote this song..check it out at…
THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: John Coltrane-Double Clutching.

I Was Telling Them…You’ll Get Played…

Gamblers were out for a fast buck…rolling like the White House…Fast and Furious?  its easy to get played!

I saw crooked  Bernie Madoff / Ezra Merkin types  dipping down I-20 in Atlanta in a fast truck..hows your luck?  now progress is delayed!

How’s  that working for you? now nerves are frayed…shot;  everybody’s stressed out due to the economy!

In Decatur..the Buick Regal swerves the block …one step ahead of the Dekalb Police…now the block is sprayed;  little homie said damn they’re on to me!

A hater was rolling with legal eagles down here in Georgia…they questioned him like Alex Trebek whose sick..hope he gets well…but some were sleeping with the enemy!

Politicians debate irrelevant issues….while the average citizen felt the pressure….some will test ya… fake ones even  try to befriend me!

Meanwhile Islamists win elections in Egypt..the Muslim Brotherhood is represented by Mohammad Morsi…of course the course will be a rough one to play like Tiger Woods lately…recognize what it do; you’ll get played!

Even if you win championships like Lebron James there’s always going to be something…who can see through the lies / the smoke and mirrors during the ongoing horrors and terrors? as these  roles are played!

As we push the envelope..put a stamp on it!!…no shame is the strategy of one “trying to get over” like Curtis Mayfield singing the theme song of Super Fly…

As we peep game..scoping out the landscape…playing the field like Willie Mays making basket catches on the fly…

As we peep game…your a damn lie I told one!! ..the saga / struggle continues…this is not the Legend of Korra..

I was telling them….you’ll get played….its like Bin Laden…eventually you’ll have to leave those know the score…


The Sonny Rollins Quartet – Moritat

Sunday Jazz Continues…checking out this Sonny Rollins Quartet….with a cut called Moritat..or street ballad in German…also can be a murderous deed….

so…in essence the definition covers this song either way…its a smooth street ballad…plus Sonny and the crew are killing it!! 

anyway…the Sonny Rollins Quartet are Sonny Rollins (tenor sax), Tommy Flanagan (piano), Doug Watkins (bass), Max Roach (drums) …that’s a nice crew!! check this out at  THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Sonny Rollins Quartet – Moritat.

I Was Trying To Tell Them Life Is Hectic

Whats the deal?  safe havens and safe harbors get raided …please…its like drama in Southwest Atlanta…now whose disrespected? 

Hackers create a virus..some are official like Stuxnet or the Flame; experts say its all game…now like Iranian’s nuclear program some are disconnected!

Old girl disinfected the area….she sprayed Lysol and Glade to combat the charade…the virus had everybody sneezing and coughing!

Like allergy season down here in Atlanta…enhanced by chemtrails; plus drama is hectic;  O-Dog is ready to go off in this thing!

During the toil and strife some disrespected…please!! they acted like the GOP vs Obama…they played us like we weren’t anything!! but soon they’re in for a rude awakening!

During the confusion or turmoil the lender became the beggar; the head became the tail…like Italy..the earth was shaking! 


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