Trying To Get Back In Sync…So Lets Get It Popping!!

I was in chill mode for a minute or two; but I wasn’t hiding out like Peter Keller ….what it do?  now I’m trying to get back in sync!

Had a little bit of a temper like Mel Gibson?  deal with it I was told!!  get over it!! word from Dr Phil; I was told to get an energy drink!

How you living?  they ask me…I told them the drama is like Kandahar’s …but I’m trying to heal the scars…they said it can be over with in a blink;  I was  told not to be sucker slow!

…..Plus a brotha was underestimated!!  played like..what can a dude from Newburg / Louisville Kentucky know?

Please!! my folk have been hated..that’s why my kind can’t just go with the flow…we don’t play that!

I’ve seen safe havens and safe havens get raided;  like jackers hitting up the drug spot for cash and product;  where do you stay at?

…..As I say that…..secret gardens will get raided by rabbit and squirrel types..plants were uprooted;  messing up the harvest!

Blatant and discrete attacks are launched in retaliation; as we try to get back in sync…why did haters start this?

As we proceed and continue…what it do? as we start this…. let’s get it popping!

True indeed!!! we keep it moving ; we weren’t quitting and werent stopping!

Who said we wasn’t dropping this breakbeat science?  they’ll have the story twisted!

Lets get it popping!! ignoring those rolling up with gossip, lies, and innuendo; the drama will be revisited!


Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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