Black Coffee feat. Hugh Masakela – We Are One

Digital Crate Digging / International Jazz Day Continues…..Hugh Masakela was one of the headliners at International Jazz Day events worldwide….here he is with fellow South African Producer / Musician / DJ Black Coffee with We Are One…a kind of jazz /house /funk  / afro beat type of thang!!

Frank Zappa – Big Swifty

Digital crate digging is in full effect….in conjunction with International Jazz Day…plus what I listen to at work..

…lets check out some jazz / rock with none other than Frank Zappa….with one of his standout tracks called Big Swifty 

….the players are Frank Zappa-guitar & percussion, Tony Duran-slide guitar, George Duke-ringmodulated & echoplexed electric piano, Sal Marquez- many trumpets & chimes, Erroneous-electric bass, Aynsley Dunsbal-drums ..
…heard this earlier today on WRAS 88.5 The Georgia State University radio station..check this out…

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Frank Zappa – Big Swifty.

The Music Revelation Ensemble ft James Blood Ulmer and Pharaoh Sander

Sunday Jazz Continues….in conjunction with International Jazz Day…check out this live session featuring the Music Revelation Ensemble…aka James Blood Ulmer – guitar, vocals…..Calvin Jones – bass….Cornel Rochester- drums
and Pharoah Sanders – tenor saxophone …doing what they do!!

Biting Off More Than We Could Chew PT.2

Had to admit…..we got greedy; might have been caught chilling at the White House Correspondence Dinner…we might have bit off more than we could chew!

Had to admit…..O-Dog even bit the hand that fed him!! my buddy from Nigeria where Christians were killed said that’s what Americans do!

In the smoke and fog enhanced by mirrors some were misled; now they’re waiting in the dark!

Please!! Louisville was no joke back in the still isn’t;  gunfire and bloodshed from those hating was going down in Shawnee Park!

These days?  its on me to spark the revolution…breakbeat science will be the fuel!

These days?  a shadetree mechanic representing the institution will break instead of fix things; rolling with The Witcher 2…The Assassins of Kings….now who will be the next fool?

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There’s Still No Rest For Weary

There was no rest for the weary..word from residents of Syria;  so why did they expect it?

Even though the Lord blessed us..for some the outlook is still bleary; like Christians attacked in Nigeria…especially after being disrespected!

I disconnected from the mainframe…disappearing like Venus will in June..intergalactic voyages taken out beyond Pluto / Mars...a free agent in the game; but its easy to get locked out like the NBA was!

Errors were corrected..the game perfected….now knowing what the deal O-Dizzle rocked out….he’s creating a buzz!

Terrorists infected the system; whose caught up in it? why are they hating on cuz? I was just putting work in…trying to hunt and gather!

Whose fair with this love or war platform? whose quick to knock the hustle? quick to pull a stunt…putting missiles on rooftops like in London? how was I responding?  I had this math for ya!

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Herbie Hancock – Rockit LIVE

Cruising down I-20 in Atlanta listening 107.5…King Arthur was in the mix…he slid this Herbie Hancock track Rockit on..right on time for the Digital Crate Digging / International Jazz Day format I’m running for the next few days..this is where jazz meets hip hop…Grandmaster DST is on the scratches and cuts…Herbie Hancock and the crew handle the instrumentation…check this out..

Trying To Get Back In Sync…So Lets Get It Popping!!

I was in chill mode for a minute or two; but I wasn’t hiding out like Peter Keller ….what it do?  now I’m trying to get back in sync!

Had a little bit of a temper like Mel Gibson?  deal with it I was told!!  get over it!! word from Dr Phil; I was told to get an energy drink!

How you living?  they ask me…I told them the drama is like Kandahar’s …but I’m trying to heal the scars…they said it can be over with in a blink;  I was  told not to be sucker slow!

…..Plus a brotha was underestimated!!  played like..what can a dude from Newburg / Louisville Kentucky know?

Please!! my folk have been hated..that’s why my kind can’t just go with the flow…we don’t play that!

I’ve seen safe havens and safe havens get raided;  like jackers hitting up the drug spot for cash and product;  where do you stay at?

…..As I say that…..secret gardens will get raided by rabbit and squirrel types..plants were uprooted;  messing up the harvest!

Blatant and discrete attacks are launched in retaliation; as we try to get back in sync…why did haters start this?

As we proceed and continue…what it do? as we start this…. let’s get it popping!

True indeed!!! we keep it moving ; we weren’t quitting and werent stopping!

Who said we wasn’t dropping this breakbeat science?  they’ll have the story twisted!

Lets get it popping!! ignoring those rolling up with gossip, lies, and innuendo; the drama will be revisited!


I Wasn’t Trying To Hear It..

 Whats really going on?  I peeped game…like checking for the internet doomsday..also  like the doctor taking the pulse of a patient!

Plus like the House passing the cyber security bill…these danger zone residents were moving in slow motion like the BCS;  I was told to be patient!

But flagrant fouls were committed when I tried to drive to the hoop;  like I was playing against Metta World Peace!

Whats really going on?  some fake it!!  sounding like politicians…talking slick with silver tongues…who succumbs?  finding out there’s no justice and no peace!

Please!!  game recognizes game…I wasnt trying to hear that mess they were talking!

Peeping game;  spotted dude pimping through Lenox Mall in Atlanta in the Stacy Adams kicks… just got out of the Cadillac Sedan Deville;  said he was a player but the ladies? he was just stalking!

Balking on the mound ….not really pitching;  whats the deal?  now wishing it was a simple thing….now  the runners on base will advance!

Chalking it up to experience;  po po white chalking and crime scene taping…but I’m not trying to hear this; Im trying to advance!

Walking up through the streets of Atlanta with these clearance rack epiphanies in the Swiss Gear backpack..check the math I bring….the good word? I have a whole sack full…

Snitches were talking up a storm…they just had to run and tell it!!!….interference with this breakbeat science business was a haters mission…but I wasn’t trying to make an impression…I was just hunting and gathering….putting work in blue-collar style!! manual labor until my back pulls…

Once off track when a haters pulls a caper..its tight in these hoods…jokers were talking slick…but I wasn’t trying to hear that…

Now I’m back on track…making a comeback like Tiger Woods….but spiritual warfare continues to go down…but I’m not trying to fear that!!