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Monthly Archives: February 2012

As we proceed and continue; check us out as we provide more forensic rhetoric!

Whatcha need? whose going all out for it? its going down to the wire like the Romney-Santorum race in Michigan; please!! in Atlantic City or Las Vegas some will place a bet on it!

As we get down on it like Kool and The Gang!! please!! its not strange; there’s no pity from the street committee…so were not fake with this!

As we get down on it!! check the forensic rhetoric provided by this break-beat scientist!

Some will tear down your compound like Bin Laden’s …recognize that evil is the opponent..but some will sign contracts with that team!

Whats up with it? a fresh view or fresh vision is needed..but even with glasses and contacts some aren’t seeing!

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excerpts……Rolling like the Rambling Wreck ..Georgia Tech Yellowjackets; supposedly creating a buzz!

Rolling!! those rambling off at the mouth should be put in check!! like the ESPN employee mentioning chink in the armor ..they’re just hating; they even asked me..whats up cuz?

….Even though were not related; please!! I couldn’t claim them on my taxreturn!

….Even though were all caught up in the system together; still hated..Republican primaries remind us …check the facts; you’ll soon learn!

Some will soon burn the cannabis or some other controlled substance; now they’re buzzing!

….Said something about getting they’re mind right!! said they stopped in to see what condition their condition was in!

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Sunday Jazz Continues….decided to start things off with one of my jazz / funk mixes…with Waiting For Answers….a Gino Vannelli / Gene Harris mix…with a little spirituality sprinkled in..check this out.

Waiting For Answers Mix.

Dedicated To The Truth Mix PT.2.


As we proceed and continue; what it do? unlike the scientists studying the bird flu …were telling them what the deal is!

…they were waiting in the dark …we shine the light like the aurora borealis!

R.I.P. to Don Corneilus  and to Whitney Houston …more than Houston is experiencing problems..its rough out here for some of us!

That’s what the deal is!!! but we continue to fight this..we brought the drum with us!

Similar to Iran’s nuclear centrifuges? some will be confused by this…it’s the truth..or reality as we know it. ..but haters claim their done with us!! those devil’s advocates still had their pitchforks ready to stick them in!

I wasn’t on the one with them; I’m on another level..check this break-beat science I kick to them!

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The Out There; We Kept On Running Mix.


Writing this at the last minute..on a Super Bowl Sunday…but its still on time!

Last minute heroics needed like The NewYork Giants? check this word from these stoics…word from the Brothers Johnson?   in a minute we’ll be Right On Time!

Last minute heroics like Newt Gingrich needs? please!! I’m having to fight for mine!! what? my freedom!! its like this and like that!

Fighting like in Syria …but minus the mass hysteria…I’m in a discrete mode…but a lot was gained; as we put it down like this and like that!

Some will get shut down like Megaupload!! but we fight that all the way down to the last minute!

….Minus the mega millions ..but from Alpha to Omega its thorough; were in it to win it!

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