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Monthly Archives: January 2012


Trying to get back in sync….but its like the referees in the Miami Heat-Chicago Bulls match up today..haters throw salt into the game!

The devil is in the details!! like European governments cracking down on tax evaders…as we  batch up brand new funk …we sit on the brink of disaster…whose caught up in the game?

Like casualties to the heavy fog and smoke on I-75 in Florida..on another level its the same time Republicans hold their primary ..a coincidence is more than a coincidence..

Whats up with ya?  they ask this dude..told them I’m not acting casually…I’m taking this to another level the feelings from a controlled substance…

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So whats up? we continue to drop this funk and the math that enlightens!

So whats up? as we put it down like this ..but we know were facing the Wrath of the Titans!

As we keep fighting..the saga / struggle continues; damn!! it doesn’t stop!

As we keep fighting..the saga / struggle continues..but we put it down..just like the space debris will drop…

O-Dizzle will hit you up with jazz, funk, hip hop,  and house; we’re all up in the house!!! damn here we go again!

Safe houses like Denzil Washington will get raided; some bets were off..some bets get faded like Las Vegas or Atlantic City; damn here we go again!

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Sunday Jazz Continues….hooking up one of O-Dizzle’s jazz / funk mixes … we put it down like this!! check it out!!

The Plutonian Martian Chronicles Mix.

The Caught Up Mix PT.2 (Wise To The Whole Set Up).

The No Where To Hide Mix.


Christmas is gone..New Years Day is gone…MLK Day is gone…now I’m trying to get back in sync…back in the swing of things!

Somebody was lying like the captain of the Costa Concordia; now were on the brink of disaster!! so I move faster..soon some realize this scorpion stings!

We’re all up in the spot!!! all up in the sport again….what’s up with ya?  O-Dizzle brings this brand new funk!

….One of the main ingredients in this breakbeat science along with this good word;  like Tony your neighborhood drug dealer handling the hash; we break off chunks!

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Plutonian Intergalactic Funk.

The No Where To Hide Mix.


Check these clearance rack epiphanies; this is the deep discount!

Similar to after Christmas / New Years / MLK Holiday sales; success is the mission…some hope he fails like Rush vs Obama; but this brotha is going all out!

Whats the deal with this? check us out…as we call out those that had the story twisted!

Whose real with this? compared to what? thats word from Les McCann and Eddie Harris; like a family reunion the drama is revisited!

My number was unlisted….somebody tried to reach me…I even received packages from UPS and FedEx!

Whats up with this?  please!! some  abandoned ship like the Italian cruise ship captain …others slumber waiting in the dark; please!!  I feel them!! I even wish that it was simple; but it gets more and more complex!


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