The Arch Nemesis – omanxl1’s Blog – Blogster

The Arch Nemesis – omanxl1’s Blog – Blogster.


The thought and fashion police tried to flex their muscles; they’ve even got Herman Cain on the run!!   once again it’s on..but like George Benson said its all a masquerade!

Whose hurting during the ongoing reign? please!! you’ll get fired like Norv Turner heard me? or maybe even released like Donovan McNabb ..meanwhile O-Dizzle gets busy in the lab…the Sonic Assaults will blast on fools!! especially when the funk is played!

….Plus knowledge is sprayed like Raid on roaches..the arch nemesis thought we weren’t knowing!

O-Zone is a veteran in the game who now coaches..but acknowledging that the saga / struggle continues; what’s up?  Mercury Retrograde is blamed!! but down the stream of consciousness we continue flowing!

But the stagnant waters are growing!! ecological ignorance will alter the fate!

Flagrant fouls against fathers and forefathers did psycological damage! plus I hear the belligerence…some still show hate!

Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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