The Touch PT.3 – omanxl1’s Blog – Blogster

The Touch PT.3 – omanxl1’s Blog – Blogster.


Losing that touch? out of touch like Hall and Oates? out of sync with this? please!! I’m usually on some other other!

Check the Occupy LA brink of disaster resistance type of business; that’s what we handle; peaceful..but futuristic..optimistic like Sagittarius..with hope for the future..I’m a revolutionary type of brotha!

Scientists think faster? were processes evolutionary or intelligent design? please!! God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven!

Check out these breakbeat scientists..found the answer or the solution; it was right in front of us..its evident!! but another was playing it like Vladimir Putin ..said they “ain’t misbehaving”

The institution was fronting on a brotha!! some are disputing the truth..but we were dedicated to it …what’s up with another? now like  Wal-Mart on Black Friday safe havens and safe harbors are raided!

Televisions will broadcast it like its a reality show; but its something the writers instigated!


Life is hectic…everybody’s looking or waiting for answers….then when your trying to put it down opposition is met…some might even tell a brotha we don’t like you…I guess they’ll have to get in line with the rest of society….as we keep striving…..we can be anything in the world..I go into more details at my blogs and at in the meantime and between time check this mix out!!

It’s Going Down…But Were Ready To Wrap It Up… – omanxl1’s Blog – Blogster

It’s Going Down…But Were Ready To Wrap It Up… – omanxl1’s Blog – Blogster.

ts going down; but were about to wrap this thing up like it’s Macy’s gift the service desk..what’s up with this? it’s like the Atlanta Falcons running their plays…I can’t say that I like it!

Its going down; we’re at your service with this..but we were told to accept the status quo; they said it is what it is!! some were in comfort zones..unlike Libyan rebels I can’t say that they’ll fight it!

It’s going down like the Arab Spring …now we’re into’s the weather? some are scared of revolution…they said whatever..they might have to sacrifice!

…But they already do that due to the bad’s going down!! things were bad from Europe to America ..what can I tell ya?  “it ain’t nothing nice”

We’re broke but still paying the price ….just trying to wrap it up…shut it down and try again tomorrow…but some had to think twice; what it do? they’re soon swept way like protesters at Occupy Portland …they should have already knew!!  they should have saw how it was going down!

…Some will peep game; now taking Loose End’s advice…they’re slowing down!

The Wishing It Was Simple Mix

The Wishing It Was Simple Mix.

What it do? I’m back handling this breakbeat scientific business…right now were in survival mode…one of my earlier episodes mentioned that life is hectic….indeed it is..bear witness to how complex it is…but what’s my motto? we proceed and continue…we just wish it was simple…that’s what this mix is about….for further details check my blogs at and at …this is how it’s going down!!!