The Sonic Assault Blackjack Mix

The Sonic Assault Blackjack Mix.



excerpts….. Still dealing with glitches in the matrix; whose like Al-Shabab...trying to sabotage operations?

Didn’t know they were dealing with O-Dizzle aka Doctor 0; putting stitches in the wise and otherwise during operations!

Whatcha know? obligations not met? snitches end up with stitches was the word from the wise; that’s the word on the curb!

Spiritual significance in this operation!! stepped away from the buffet; my appetite? I had to curb!

Couldn’t ask Gus or Herb what the deal is!! they were too busy…waiting in the dark…now about to blackout..

What’s up with us? observing the scene as the structure falls apart..glitches caused the mainframe to shut down..but we’ll put it down..knowing what the deal is..a veteran in the game now coaching..putting the funk back out..

But no justice or peace is the catch phrase…who knows how real it is? it’s going down from Oslo to Chicago…

Global Jihad said they mean business..they say it’s going down from Kandahar to Kosovo…

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Marinating…Laying In The Cut PT.3

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Marinating…Laying In The Cut PT.3.

excerpts…  A bruh is marinating..chilling outside; getting fresh air..breathing God’s breath!

July when I wrote this; soaking up Cancer sun rays ; not the harmful kind that leads to death!

Stevie Wonder’s Hotter Than July comes to mind; as were Doing It To Death like Fred Wesley, Maceo Parker and the JBs!

What does Babylon have you under? Summer Madness of 2011 is in full affect!! some feel the heatwave..they know what the deal is!

Some know what the real is; mind blowing decisions made like Heatwave;  plus Republicans don’t want to behave..they can bear witness; might even have to make adjustments.

Dealing with glitches in the matrix; high and low technical difficulties!! so what’s up with those and these? you know snitches fake it….Babylon trying to corrupt those and these; PE said you cant trust it!

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Critical Stages Of Development…..Concepts Are Revisited

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Critical Stages Of Development…..Concepts Are Revisited.

Summer Madness continues…we’re caught in a moment of time….a lot of things are going down….it’s a critical stage of development…you know life is hectic….it can break the spirit…some things we’ll have to let go of…the act of giving up something in painful!! there’ll be a lot to gain though…check this mix out!!

Caught Out There In The Inclement Weather PT.2

Caught Out There In The Inclement Weather PT.2.

Caught out in the inclement weather…injured..might get arrested like Murdoch’s aide…games were played….but let the healing process begin as we take affirmative action!

…..Not the kind with corporate implications; opposition was met from that faction!

Plus we weren’t back in love again like Jeffrey Osborne and LTD!

Plus we weren’t rolling back in time in deuce and a quarters and the Ford LTD!

Well…..actually some of that spirit or vibe is present; but were really futuristic!

Thought and fashion police will try to issue demerits to those that fool with this hip hop mystic!

Not mystical or magical like a young Harry Potter.….please!! hell is caught!! spotted a fool..told them  life is hectic but they ignored the warning!

Chilling with TD Jakes at the Potters House in spirit while I wrote this….others fell for what is taught by a fanatic; believed when told it wasn’t storming!

The Mechanic – omanxl1’s Blog – Blogster

The Mechanic – omanxl1’s Blog – Blogster.


A mechanic….more of the sonic nature ..but the spot I use is not under a shade tree!

A fanatic introduced so called new and improved methods..but I wasn’t with it…keeping a low profile like Casey Anthony just let out of jail..please!!….the whole game is Shady Like Grady

Not talking about Grady Hospital in Atlanta or old dude from Sanford and Son..what’s up son? please!! life is hectic!! but I’m using new tools of the I kept the old ones!

Life is hectic!!   its all game!! the system is using new fools plus they kept the old ones!

Somebody told me they’re on one!! like DJ Khaled, Drake Lil Wayne and Rick Ross and them!

Danger zone politics will get the best of some; this brotha fights back with the I kept squares out of my circle..told some to miss me so I lost them!

Knowing How The Sport Will Go….

Knowing How The Sport Will Go…..

I saw what went down; attacks were made on the empire like Rupert Murdoch’s…I had to ask them so how did that work for ya?

Whose tripping on where we went with the sound? it’s all about peace like the Dalai Lama;  but we use the Sonic Assault to respond to the drama…who has your back? will they get hurt for ya?

Slipping through the portal…just got back from Pluto..we had the good word for ya; plus the brand new funk!

Knowing how the sport will go..even ponzi schemes were run by Georgia’s ex-coach Donnan...down here in the ATL acting brand new..getting crunk?

Knowing how the sport will go…please!!! some shrunk after saying they were phat and all that!

Knowing how the sport will go…who flunked the test? now looking for an attorneys number so they can call that!

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Caught Out There In The Inclement Weather….

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Caught Out There In The Inclement Weather…..

excerpts…Clouds of suspicion fill the sky; please…you know  Al Roker told us about the weather!

Crowds gather; like we’re over in Cairo Egypt….what’s up with it?  rights suspensions was mentioned; but a foul joker said whatever!

Rowdy when we do the math for ya? summed up the’s a dark mysterious world we’re slipping through..a brotha was accused of being gone!

Like I was on that ganga weed; word from Jah Roots…the system? how was I living…O-Zone reboots…now sliding through the portal like Rupert Murdoch like I was on one!

Word from  DJ Khaled, Drake, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne and them with the murder rock!..whose caught out there in the inclement weather? peoples can’t find shelter…it’ll rain on whose dealing with the Jangaweed  in Darfur…or even Somali pirates on that khat ready to pull a caper?

…Whatcha come up in here for?….please!! out in the ATL listening to Gangsta Grillz over on MLK; or even on Wall Street. in NYC..they say its all about that paper!