THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: The Gangsta Chronicles Mix Reloaded

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: The Gangsta Chronicles Mix Reloaded.

….summer madness continues….debt ceiling and deficit spending talks going on in Washington….Apple has more cash than the government…oil companies like Exxon report phat profits….were dealing with new type gangsters..senators..congressman..powerful businessmen..even newscasters hired to spin the stories….check this mix..


More Forensic Rhetoric PT.2 – omanxl1’s Blog – Blogster

More Forensic Rhetoric PT.2 – omanxl1’s Blog – Blogster.


More forensic rhetoric; as we try to get to the bottom of it..even switched to the blue ink pen!

….For your information? life is hectic!! you might already know ..under the blue moon morale is low; what were some thinking?

Random thoughts collected by this brotha after drinking from the elixir; now the cup runneth over!

Once again it’s on man!! Sonic assaults were unleashed on the opposition..using the drum to get over..

Abandoned the wastelands; like Chad Ochocinco going to the New England Patriots..we were in the spot where hatred is..highlanders interlopers were posted up!

….Stranded until a fresh view and fresh vision presented itself; now I make the most of it!

Not trying to brag or boast about it; talking junk just to have something to do!

Spotted some as they just lollygag around…meanwhile I’m just like Gil Scott Heron; there must be something we can do!

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Summing Up The Consequences…Once Again..

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Summing Up The Consequences…Once Again...


As usual a bruh is doing the mathematics; I had to sum up the consequences!

Acting like I knew!! but I had to Return To Forever to consult with the Sorceress!

That was word from WCLK 91.9 here in Atlanta..understand a bruh? just doing the forensics; now check the rhetoric as we get to the source of this and that!

Making sense of this and that though; life is hectic!! drama is like Syria’s..who can bear witness to this and that?

Some are mad at a bro because I didn’t get with this and that..please!! I wasn’t a clone!

I was playing it like this and like that and a during the critical stages of development;  understand a bruh?…we’re facing conflicts like Cowboys and Aliens!! flowing through the stream of consciousness; but played like I was in Libya in a no fly zone!



excerpts……….Its on and we fight back…sonic blackjacking….we get it cracking! …

Steady bombardment of the enemy position!! bombing like Norway but not hitting up innocent bystanders….just interlopers and highlanders…who’ll understand us? I hear cheap car and home alarms going off!!  like a crackhead was breaking and entering!

It’s on like Cowboys and Aliens!! as we proceed….so whatcha saying? please!! these Breakbeat Scientists have done it once again!! the action? we’re all up in the middle…we were able to solve the riddle!

DNA or genetic codes were mapped like the human genome project ; but we knew some would hate…we heard the prosecution object!! meanwhile the brotha O-Dizzle did his thizzle!

Now that’s the dizzle!! peeped game…seeing what it do…some were acting like they knew….but we see how some plans fizzled..meanwhile we dipped through the galaxy…..exposing the fallacy…we did the knowledge…we studied the Dark Mystery of Time and Space!

Dark matter aka the God Particle is studied like Hadron Colliders; even Putin’s talking about getting one for Russia..what’s up with us?  these freedom riders are on the case!

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: We’re Hitting Them Up!!

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: We’re Hitting Them Up!!.

excerpts…Whats the deal with it? will a debt ceiling be put up? you know the crooks have already hit up the treasury!

Whats the real about?  whose victimized by the ponzi scheme? word from Bernie Madoff..some find out money made off the books didn’t circulate!! don’t hate!! that’s word from Billy Paul and 9th Wonder.…what were we under? cash was stockpiled by robber barons; a broke joker like me knows the real  deally!

Whats up? feel me on this one.I’m going in getting it in…as I slap haters up with the blackjack!

Whats up? new and old tools of the trade are used; up in Louisville / Newburg fools get played upside the head with the pistol….meanwhile O-Dizzle is doing his thizzle with the brand new funk; while O-Zone has that good word in the knapsack!

Is There A Doctor In The House?

Is There A Doctor In The House?.

excerpts…..We’re back on that thing again..damn!! what’s the dizzle?  let the healing process begin!! somebody asked if there was a doctor in the house?

Were dealing with a state of emergency; dude in Oslo went on a rampage like Jackson….whose up in the action?..then succumbed  to the heatwave?…how will some behave? Amy Winehouse gone..what were others on?  Doctor O will come forth; who will work with me as I introduce jazz, funk, hip hop, and house?

Now were all up in the house rocking it!! but haters were knocking it..didn’t know they aroused revolutionary feeling!

…Now were putting work in;  putting it down like this!!  locking it down..check the evolutionary process of these breakbeat scientists..were not through dealing!

…Was marinating..chilling but we were pulled back into the its time to get back to work!

Society?  they’re still hating on a brotha...but were dealing with it…putting work in blue collar style!!  until my back hurts!

More Forensic Rhetoric…. – omanxl1’s Blog – Blogster

More Forensic Rhetoric…. – omanxl1’s Blog – Blogster.


As we proceed and continue..we do the mathematics ..these breakbeat scientists stay busy!

Conducting forensics like CSI Miami …or maybe NCIS with Gibbs and check the by product as we let you know what the deal is!

Life is hectic; some know what the real is..they can bear witness!

Whose corrupting the masses? some were asleep during classes..who said something about a debt ceiling? you feeling? I even heard some say ignorance is bliss!

I’m using ghetto passes..down here in the ATL;  home of the wannabe macks and divas; the dons and dimes!

Spiritual warfare going down!! in Oslo and even in Mumbai some want to start a holy can’t tell whose down to Plan Z? doing all the crimes!

Hard times during previous episodes manifest into something ugly!

Forensic rhetoric reveals that the apparatus wants to deceive us; please!! the outcome will lead to something ugly!