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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Renovation…Rejuvenation…Acting Brand New...


Plutonian Intergalactic Funk.

The Fresh Vision Mix by the Brotha O.

…summer madness continues…..this mix started this breakbeat science method that I use…it’s talking about having a fresh view..a fresh vision every every way…check it out….

The Situation Is Critical Mix.

….Hump Day …”Gotta Get Over The Hump” …Special Edtion.. – omanxl1’s Blog – Blogster.


rying to get over the hump..on this hump day..trying to breath free; you feel me? outside catching my’s storms like the Midwest ..I’m getting some fresh air!

Dude said its like breathing God’s breath; now refreshed!! now ready for the ongoing spiritual warfare!

As we go there; what’s the deal with him..was I chilling like a the La Familia chief?.. but pulled out of the game!

As we go there; no rest for a justice no peace..old dude said its all game!

Realized we’re all to blame; prayed to the Lord to help us all!

That’s also my battle cry; others stayed in pursuit of the prize ..they were trying to ball!

Now one call that’s all is heard on the TV commercial from the lawyer down here in the ATL!

…Others learned to call on the Lord after coping strategies fail!

No bridges were burned…didn’t cut and run … I sail under them or fly over them!! now back with these prophecies..some self fulfilled!

As the world turned; gamblers were out for a fast buck; who has the good cards? I peeped a slick one dealt!

The Summer Madness Project Of 2011 – omanxl1’s Blog – Blogster.



The Summer Madness Project of 2011 is going down as I write off to an early start; the Solstice is not until June 20..but we’re already dealing with the madness!

Is it a bummer? spotted shade-tree mechanics as they work on defense mechanisms; they’re all up in the spot!! a lot of confusion like Tripoli!! it’s where reason gave way to madness!

….don’t trip on me…not in the Hummer on I-75 on the way back from Detroit …we were rolling in the Chrysler 300.

Not a drug runner….don’t get stereotypical!! please!! the stereo is not typical…break-beat science is transmitted live during the crisis..some are done with it!

Whose on the one with it? the higher the earth shakes and oceans flood like Japan’s drama ; new recruits are signed up!

Its like the workforce development agency in your state where the unemployed are lined up!

Life is hectic; should be expected…of course it gets messy!! but troops are deployed to the front line!

….Strife when dealing with a fanatic? should be expected…it’s like talks with the Taliban ..whose saying contracts with us are null and void? they tried to front on mine!


Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Al Up In The Spot…The Block Is Still Hot…It’s Smoking!!.


All up in the spot!! who’ll understand a bruh? damn!! I’m back at the scene of the crime!

Out here in Hotlanta aka Niglanta per the bigots; please!! not a damn thing has changed…you should know how it gets….especially when I’m seen with mine!

Who’ll understand a bruh? as we all deal with the deception…will there be an Immaculate Conception? please!! all up in the spot? we couldn’t be at ease!! damn!! it seems like The Adjustment Bureau is running things!!

What’s up with a brotha? all up in the spot..the block is hot….laying in the cut..some thought I was done with things!!

What’s up with another? what was the reception? chilling down here in Atlanta ..a bruh spotted the thought and fashion police..

What’s up with another? the saga / struggle continues..chefs in hell kitchen were preparing meals that lacked nutrition…it seems the morale is low..we couldn’t be at ease!!

What’s up with a brotha? please!! your homie wasn’t fresh and clean with mine…wasn’t rolling  like OutKast..slamming Cadillac doors; please!!  I’m up in the hooptie or I  might have to catch the 86 Lithonia like they mentioned!

During the ongoing Inception The Sonic Assault will blast on the podcast!! Summer Madness Project is underway!! some are broke put need to pay attention to it!

Safe Havens and Safe Harbors Get Gaffled….


Safe havens and safe harbors were like Tripoli in Libya…you’ll get played like home invasions!

Whose misbehaving?  rolling like George Papandreou asking for a vote of confidence…or maybe some were hacking Sega…a con with this? what’s up with this?   hopefully some of us will rise to these occasions!

Unpleasant situations dominate the landscape;  some will plan an escape because morale is low in these areas!

Get your hustle on!! like Iraq reconstruction crooks…some move quickly…others style is slow in these scenarios!

From ghettos to barrios; to Gaza Strip the corporate or church environment!

From the get go? knew safe havens and harbors would get gaffled..who will try to command and conquer? the chain of command is whose facing corporal punishment? ?

Feeling the pain….the corporal started it!!  he was insubordinate to the crime lieutenant!

Feeling the pain….interrupting the food chain? now.GPS was tracking them!! knew the whats the deal with it?

Please….I was chilling,..trying to be at ease…but they had me in a pocket…they had me in a trick bag like Robert Palmer  talked escape routes were planned!

Soon O-Dizzle will rock it!!  I had to hate on a player!! told them it was business not personal; but who will understand it?

All Up In The Spot….The Block Is Hot….Concepts Are Revisited...


al roker didn’t have to tell us about the weather….

All up in the spot!! it’s like Tripoli in Libya...they had my folk under siege!

Hows the weather? no need to check with Al’s hot like Hotlanta; the Lord some will besiege!

Some say whatever…but even though your homie is beige he rolls like a Black Panther!

…Affected by empty crack viles; smack syringes…empty Salem’s in the green pack!!  jokers on drinking and smoke binges; whose waiting on an answer?

Do It Fluid…The Blackbyrds.