Industrial Strength…Blue-Collar Style..


Hard work is put in!! blue-collar style!! mechanical engineering ; its industrial strength!

Dollar chasers make their pilgrimage;  but not to Mecca Libya they’ll disrespect ya!! …but they say they’ll go the length!

Go Speed Racers Go!! but out on I-285 in Atlanta? vehicles break down!! now they’re consulting with shade tree mechanics.

Plays were called by armchair quarterbacks!! but it’s after the fact..they’re just fanatics!

Playing the field!!  said its the real deal like Holyfield …thought I told you to study the mathematics!

Running game like Donald Rumsfield in Iraqi killing fields!! wearing full metal jackets.

Running rackets trying to get over like Curtis Mayfield singing Superfly if you win or lose don’t ask questions why!

Mechanical engineering industrial strength James Bond style Live and Let Die!

Social engineering is robust so try a little tenderness like Otis Redding!

Loathing and fearing is the deal with this baby girl even said I was a hater I told her history keeps repeating!

Entities were self-defeating others were dipping passing the baton like the Jamaican relay team.

Featuring  Usain Bolt others dodging the lightning bolt!! a faking Jamaican, just because they had dreads…everything is not what it seems!

It’s not the dreads but the mind heart and spirit!!  as I float down streams of consciousness rocking the baldy..industrial strength blue-collar style!

Peeping game..wasnt feeling the spirit some had blues like BB King from chasing a dollar…the situation is foul!

Whose sleeping in the game? wake that ass up…get your ass back to work…due to the mechanical or I mean social engineering!!

These brothas are deep in the game….O-Dizzle has the brand new funk…O-Zone has the good word…no more loathing and fearing…



Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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