The Lines Were Blurred..

Threw a quarter into the wishing place a bet on the lotto!

A brotha had a dollar and dream thing going..soon become a fly negro?

See me over Cairo reclaiming history that was stolen…rolling in a hooptie listening to Black Moon….“don’t know I got cha open”

History repeating?  they’re even protesting in Iran…as the world turns.. 360 degrees: with different technology…the defense attorney tried to use reverse psychology.. but Judge Judy denied the motion!

Somebody lied…said they knew about music…..said they knew about technology..they even got the promotion!!!  but now they can’t sign on to the system!

Entry codes and passwords were denied!!  ecological ignorance altered the fate..dude said he hates how he’s living!

Rolling in discrete modes…ghetto passes still valid!! they haven’t expired…based on not forgiving one for the past injustice!

Old civil rights movement pioneers died or retired!! but I still hear the slogan no peace and no justice!

Had it justice no peace is how it works but it’s still relevant!

My back hurts….plus my shoulders!! carrying the weight of the world that’s not benevolent!

Blue collar style!!  name written on my uniform ..smoke hisses and loud noises are heard!

Old school factory like Detroit or Pittsburgh mechanical engineering replaced by the social one…in the smoke and mirrors the lines blurred!

What will the factor be? the old winos speech was slurred when he asked for spare change!

Told him to leave the gray area..where the lines are blurred..check the spiritual warfare for the real change!

Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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