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Check this out from Bobby Creekwater

Originally posted on AllHipHop:

Bobby Creekwater’s new album “I Am From A Place” coming November 4th.

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Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out this “Daydreamer” ~ Liquid Drum & Bass Mix courtesy of Oskar Koch. Check out the playlist and the mix…
00:37 ~ Dave Owen – Yo Girl
03:12 ~ Tyler Straub – Daydreamer
05:47 ~ Command Strange & Dynamic – Jazzmine
07:35 ~ Kimberly Anne – Liar (Jakwob Remix)
10:19 ~ Makoto – Keep Me Down Feat. Angela Johnson
13:21 ~ Mutt – Conversations Feat. Kevin King
16:32 ~ MuWookie – Memories
19:39 ~ Muwookie – Special K Feat. Unknown Lucy
21:57 ~ Calibre – Even If…
24:48 ~ NuTone Ft. Natalie Williams – System
28:25 ~ Chase & Status Feat. Jenna G – In Love
30:22 ~ NuTone – Jet Stream Feat. Talc
31:48 ~ BCee & Bladerunner Ft. Phillippa Hanna – In The Shadows
34:54 ~ L.A.O.S. – Beautiful
39:06 ~ Dave Owen – King Of The Streets
42:42 ~ BCee & Lomax – One Year On (Feat. Deeizm)
44:38 ~ MuWookie – Moving On Feat. Skyeyes
47:22 ~ Keeno – Sleeplessness
49:46 ~ Fred V & Grafix – Room To Breathe
54:37 ~ Some Cave Drips + Heartbeat + ASMR & other cool stuff :D


Digital Crate Digging Continues; were checking out this DJ Vadim A Tribe Called Qwest 90’s OldSchool HipHop Megamix; It’s Going Down Like This!! Check out the description from DJ Vadim and the mix y’all!!

“For a long time A Tribe Called Quest has been one of my favourite all round groups from the beat, rhymes, flows, persona, longevity, show performance, to name a few (!)… just simply classic material! And, oh yeah, Dilla produced a lot of their last 2 albums!”

Sunday Jazz Continues; checking out this smooth track from Sweden’s Soul Quality Quartet  called Sad Dettin. 

It’s going down like that pop song by Naked Eyes; there’s always something there to remind me.

Some were living just enough for the city per Stevie;  but the bright lights didn’t blind me.

Check out what I’m giving;  these insights provided by me are straight off the clearance rack.

I’m dropping this breakbeat science like Edward Snowden or some damn Wikileaks;  any clearance given for that?

If your living for that?   there’s always something!!  the mothership streaks across the universe as next level business gets handled.

Meanwhile the Emperor was left naked;  he was jacked for his new clothes plus the Jordan 23’s  as karmic business gets handled.

During the pursuit of the babe that was cute soldiers from Fort Knox get jacked over in the Beecher Terrace Projects up in Louisville;  part of their learning process?

During the pursuit of fast bucks?  fates are gambled; some will get played during the process.

Haz-Mat suits are rocked by Ebola first responders unless you had the clipboard; duct tape enchanced the suits like drug dealers getting robbed!!

What’s happening man? ISIS loots Kobane? naw mane!! as I type this bombs get dropped!!

What’s happening man? we didn’t rock like Kurt Cobain but O-Dizzle hip hopped and jazzed it up!!

Plus funk is dropped; it’s our response to the madness!! there’s always something!! check out the relocation! we continue this breakbeat scientific vocation because this world is messed up!!

Digital Crate Digging Continues; we’re checking out this classic house track from Kerri Chandler – called Oblivion [Original Mix]. Let’s Go!!

Digital Crate Digging Continues; were checking out Batidos aka (Jay Rodriguez, Ron Trent) with their track called Oya!!

Digital Crate Digging Continues; we’re checking out M People – with their version of Dont Look Any Further. Of Course This Song Originally Was Originally Sung By Dennis Edwards and Siedah Garret. Check it out y’all…

Lord Have mercy!!! some of us are in ***Conflict With The World***

You heard me?? in the Gaza Strip slingshots were used!!! rocks were hurled!!!

In other spots like Baghdad?   or Kobane?  even here in Atlanta drama unfurled!! a brain tumor from the stress?

I’m out of sync with this world!!  In Atlanta?  *old girl* was at the counter buying lottery tickets saying things are a  **hot mess**

They even said I’m a hot mess; just call me the hot messenger!! I’m not *with this* *systems are on the blink*…it’s a glitch in the matrix!!!

Disaster?? Oh Yeah!!  per the Ebola crisis were *on the brink* introduced by those that fake it!!

Moving faster but pulled over by DeKalb County Police about a bad tail light!! in the background somebody is blasting off shots / rounds!! are some worried about the wrong thing? I couldn’t take it!  ***BreakBeat Science*** is introduced…I hit the switch!!!

Moving faster through the Smoke and Mirrors; per politicans / businessman nod and wink /  the handshake; who hit the switch??

Lights are turned on and off!!! horror and terror is introduced !  it don’t matter!!! roaches still scatter!!!!

O-Zone; I type in this scientific data;  like old girl said *everybody ain’t able* ; my  HQ  was once at Blogster!!!

Damn!! those clones didn’t get the gist of it so I was kicked to the curb!!  An Internet Mobster??

In the ATL with the Louisville style / steelo; I was far from a buster or Herb!!  Back in those days? .I stayed rolling in the ***deuce and a quarter**

It’s Buick Electra 225 for those that never crossed the tracks or  the border!!

But I digress!!! let me get back to this world that’s ***Out Of Order**………….

**Lord Have Mercy** as I pray for a brother, sister, son or a daughter…………


Sunday Jazz Continues; checking out this smooth jazz / house track from James Mason called Nightgruv


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