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Sunday Jazz Continues…..we’re trying to take Larry Coryell advice..make The Great Escape . Check out the players and the track…





Sunday Jazz Continues; A lot of drama is jumping off in this world. Planes shot down in the Ukraine;  the Gaza Strip getting raided!!    Chicago is the murder capital of America?

All this madnes has the Brotha O-Dog aka O-Dizzle bringing the Sonic Assault. We’re chilling in the Attack Zone…aka the lab..sharpening are weapons…snares, kick drums and 808s…plus obscure samples. Check out some other Sonic Assault tracks at…14_30_54-07_00 and at…14_47_40-07_00 …check me out y’ I put it down like this…

Digital Crate Digging Continues….checking out Roy Ayers  with his version of Bobby Caldwell’s What You Won’t Do For Love

I’m chilling out!! I’m all up in the spot;  a reluctant warrior  just trying to parlay.

Shady dealing goes down out there!! like Malaysia Flight 17 being shot down in the Ukraine!!  but that’s how these jokers play.

I had to back away from the buffet:  like this player allergic to the drama I was also allergic to the foods served.

I couldn’t work with a fool I pity them like Mr. I’m on another track these days!!  others applaud when they see how the food truck swerved.

I’m rolling like Truck Turner!!  justice is served!!  check the karma..some will get what’s coming to them.

I’m rolling!!  the CD burner stays busy!!  O-Deezy is funky drumming on them.

Rolling on the River per Ike and Tina Turner!!  the Ohio River in Louisville or the St Johns in Jacksonville?

Check the  Iceberg Slim persona!!  that’ll make them shiver!!  now they’re mad at me after Seaboarding from Charleston to Jacksonville.

That’s the deal!!  after I backed away from the buffet per the Dr Ian Smith diet.

I had to Shred more than documents!!  now O-Deezy is rocking it!!  I told a hater don’t even try it.

They were Misled..waiting in the dark…while we kept it moving;  even though we had to sacrifice…

Others were led astray while we backed away from the buffet !! now they want to say we’re missing like Casey Kasem’s corpse; we knew this was a complex sport!! please!! “it ain’t nothing nice”

Digital Crate Digging Continues….checking out this  “Groove On” ~ Chill House Mix…courtesy of  Oskar Koch

Check out the playlist and the mix…as they put it down like this…

↪ Tracklist:
00:22 ~ ThermalBear, Arrows Down – Turn The Tide (Sasha Remix)
02:33 ~ Claptone feat. Jaw – No Eyes (Gamper & Dadoni Remix)
06:21 ~ Gabrielle Aplin – Home (Umami & Alle Farben)
10:25 ~ Ten Walls – Walking With Elephants
14:10 ~ The Detroit Experiment – Think Twice
18:28 ~ Motor City Drum Ensemble – L.O.V.E.
22:31 ~ Andrés – New For U
24:32 ~ Toka Project – Cafe Style
27:10 ~ Daft Punk – Too Long
31:21 ~ Marvin Gaye – Sunny (Mercury Edit II)
34:38 ~ Clean Bandit, Jess Glyne – Rather Be (Mark Di Meo Rmx)
37:42 ~ Naxxos – New Orleans (Sam Feldt Remix)
40:03 ~ Wookie ft. Zak Abel – Higher
42:34 ~ Sun Set – All Night Long (feat. Ashleigh Munn)
44:31 ~ Uppermost – Funk Transmission
46:16 ~ Uppermost – Hidden Poetry
47:47 ~ Robert Babicz – Dark Flower (Joris Voorn Magnolia Mix)
50:07 ~ Strange Talk – Morning Sun
51:38 ~ Kubix – 5 Centimetres Per Second

Digital Crate Digging Continues….checking out this one hour Best of Drum & Bass Mix #5 courtesy of  Chillout Bear

He does a good job of listing the tracks, artists contact information for the artists…Check out the playlist and mixes…

1) Subformat – Fire {00:00}

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2) Feint – Snake Eyes (feat. CoMa) {05:09}

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✖ Support CoMa:
Facebook –
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3) Submatik – Stories Can Wait {09:31}

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Soundcloud –
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4) Tristam & Braken – Frame of mind {13:57}

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✖ Support Braken:
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5) Koschy – Connection {18:20}

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6) Koschy – Stars {23:51}

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7) Kove – Searching {29:04}

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8) High Performance – Spirit Of Calm {30:32}

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9) Netsky – Porcelain (BlastikZ & Changing Faces Remix) {35:41}

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10) Cetys – Psyche {40:51}

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11) Arizon – Meet You There {45:05}

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12) Subformat – More (feat. Charli Brix) {49:32}

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13) Feint & Boyinaband – Time Bomb (feat. Veela) {54:40}

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14) C41 – As Time Goes By {58:08}

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Breakbeat science is dropped….but we’re rolling through a different neighborhood…..we were evicted from Blogster…like foreclosed homes in Atlanta….

Fake when we cosmic slopped? naw!! we’re real with it…plus check this good word; the Captain’s Log is updated…who’ll understand a brotha?

We never quit and never stopped…check out this next level business that’s going down!!

What’s at stake? we hip hopped, jazzed it up, plus dropped funk when we came to this  neighborhood…this is how it’s going down…

What’s at stake? pleas are copped…some will be deported like children from Honduras

What’s at stake? the madness hasn’t stopped…like the ongoing drama in the Gaza seems the arch nemesis is on the premises...

What’s at stake? hope will diminish for some..soon they’re caught out there like Jose Antonio Vargas.

Breakbeat scientific business is the response to this and that…but jokers try to stretch the negotiations out like Iran Nuclear Talks…why did they start this?

Please!! check out this Return Engagement…we’re back in the heart of this after a brief hiatus..we were Seaboarding

Check out the Return Engagement….we’re back in the heart of this…similar to Grey Area / Bay Area Scenarios….when we were West Coasting….

What are the terms of engagement? we’re putting work in!! no rest for the weary!! plus there’s no coasting or slacking….

What are the terms of endearment?  please!! there’s no love….some will fear that!! the hustlers hustle and the players play..some even call themselves macking…





Digital Crate Digging Continues…still in a Sunday Jazz mood…but I’m also ready swing!! So..I’m checking out this “Time 2 Swing” ~ Electro Swing Mix….courtesy of  Oskar Koch

Oh!! it’s on and popping!! something old and new…retro-futuristic!! check out the playlist and the mix…

↪ Tracklist:
00:00 ~ Mestizo & Mike Gao – Pick Up 52′s
02:03 ~ Tape Five – Tequila (Gardener Of Delight Remix)
03:39 ~ The Jivers feat. Anqui – Do What
05:59 ~ Nekta – Guess Who
08:00 ~ Parov Stelar – Booty Swing
10:49 ~ 5 In Love Swing – What You Got (Cab Canavral Remix)
13:25 ~ Bart Christopher – Columbus (Squirrels & Onions Remix)
15:22 ~ Jesse Rose – Touch My Horn
17:13 ~ Lena Horne – I Want a Little Doggie (Remix)
20:20 ~ Gramophonedzie – Street Lady
22:42 ~ Star Wars – Cantina Band (Noize Tank Remix)
23:43 ~ Parov Stelar – Happy End

Digital Crate Digging Continues….in a Sunday Jazz mood since I was unable to post any tracks yesterday..check out Dr Lonnie Smith ‎– with For The Love Of It…check it out y’all!!

It’s going down!! these  revelations are biblical…the cliche? it will be it is what it is.

That’s the catch phrase / cliché ….these days? unlike Israel vs Hamas cycles are broken..or maybe like Germany winning the World Cup…what’s up? I don’t play!!  this brotha is serious.

This world is corrupt..but this is another phase; check the next level business…it’s going down like this!!

These days?  like Vladimir Putin at the World Cup I’m usually chilling out….I’m in Savannah on the Seaboard as I write this.

But I continue to fight this; what?  spiritual warfare!! damn!! like I said!! I was cooling out but I was drawn back into battle.

The light is shining on those waiting in the dark;  meanwhile I’m dipping down I-95 in the mothership listening to intergalactic funk;  speakers in the trunk rattle.

Just like the donks, boxes and bubbles I spotted rolling over on Tybee Island…just like the ocean smell from the Seaboard the funk stinks!! then a fanatic said it’s like my personality.

Getting crunk per ATLiens? naw!! I’m an outside the box type of brotha…brink of disaster scenarios were acknowledged when I did the knowledge!! damn!!  clones try to get foul with me.

Drones try to dial me up in the program or settings; damn!!  my kind are on the list.

In these danger zones? drop down menus from the toolbar will give slow learners the gist.

Fog and mist were on the menus last year in San Francisco per  Grey Area / Bay Area Scenarios.

O-Dog reflects on Spanish Moss hanging from oak trees in Savannah’s Forsyth Park ; checking out the scenarios.

O-Dog reflects on ATL floss and front scenarios per these wannabe macks and divas  while Hosea Williams marched through Forsyth County back in the day.

Some fail to do the mathematics;  they’ll take a loss when the arch nemesis is on the premises …back in the way.



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